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Guidance Notes for Student Members Seeking Employment

TAA is well aware of the difficulties that face its younger members in finding gainful employment in international development. We have therefore adopted several measures to help such members to overcome these obstacles.

Tropical Agriculture Award Fund (TAAF)

TAAF helps new graduates in natural resources subjects to gain a first foot on the career ladder. We offer financial and professional support to young post-graduates and MSc students at UK universities, to enable them to undertake overseas research over a 6-8 week period for their dissertations. We also offer longer term awards, usually to postgraduates, to support them in a 6-12 month placement with a developing country institution. Details of eligibility and application procedure for these awards are on the TAAF pages of the website

Many TAAF awardees in recent years have subsequently found good jobs in development – some case studies can be seen on the website referred to above – but a short period as an awardee is no guarantee of a job. Here are some additional steps which new members of TAA may find helpful.

Placements for Experience

Placements to gain real experience in the rural development field can help to build your CV and contribute to your marketability. Apart from the formal TAAF award scheme (above), the TAA has assisted students in finding overseas placement opportunities, through their host university. For Reading University, the TAA SE Asia coordinator arranged an 5-month internship for an International Development student in the Ecosystems Dept of UNEP, Bangkok. For the Royal Agricultural University, our TAA Zambia coordinator arranged a one-month placement for a student on the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security course.

Vacancies Pages

Look at the Vacancies pages on our website. You will need your membership number and password). The pages contain interesting job opportunities with international organisations, consultancy firms and commercial companies, which are regularly posted by a dedicated team of TAA members. The DevelopmentAid website is also very useful.

Institutional Members

Send your CV to any of the Institutional/Corporate Members of TAA, whose work interests you. Mention that you are a TAA member seeking employment, and ask if your skills and experience are of interest to the institution. See our list of Institutional Members with their website and email address of the relevant contact person is on the TAA website

Social Media Platforms

Facebook and other platforms are being created for use by early-career members to promote and facilitate conversations related to international agricultural development, careers, projects and related questions with your peers. Just search for the Tropical Agriculture Association under Facebook ‘pages’, or follow the link . You will need to be ‘approved’ initially. Please do sign up if you are setting out on your career and contribute to the conversations that we hope will develop. Visit our Twitter pages @TropicalAgric to seek organisations and job opportunities from followers of TAA.

List of International Development Job Websites

Click here to see the extensive list of job websites for people looking for a job in International Development. See also the Facebook group on ‘International Development Jobs for Young professionals’

Guide to Working and Volunteering Abroad

The ‘JobHero’ website offers advice on working and volunteering abroad that may assist our Student Members.


We welcome feedback on the usefulness of these pages, as well as suggestions on how our services can be made more helpful for aspiring agriculturalists. Please send to our Early Careers Manager at