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Journals and Publications

Our journal ‘Agriculture for Development’
provides updates on developments in agriculture throughout the world, papers presented at seminars, book reviews, and publicity of events, topical news etc. It is published four-monthly and available in hard copy or online.

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Miscellaneous technical publications by our members can be downloaded

Branches and Specialist Groups

TAA has active branches and special interest groups in the UK and tropical regions. Please click on each type below for more information:

UK Regional Branches
Special Interest Groups
Overseas Branches

Meetings, Events and Annual Lectures


We organise seminars and technical workshops on topical themes, through our Branches and in association with like-minded organisations. We also publicise details of technical meetings and conferences from around that world that may interest our members.

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The TAA hosts two prestigious public lectures: texts are available online.

  • Ralph Melville Memorial Lecture by a renowned keynote speaker, held annually during March-April, usually at a leading University venue within the UK. The lecture is in memory of Ralph Melville, distinguished tropical agriculturalist and first President of the TAA.
  • Hugh Bunting Memorial Lecture, an annual lecture on a topical issue related to international agricultural development, published online. The lecture is in memory of Prof Hugh Bunting, a founder member of TAA and world-renowned tropical agriculturist. The lecture is held at Reading, in collaboration with Reading University.

Annual Conference.

In October, we organise a conference on a topical theme, in collaboration with the Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester

AGM, Annual Review and Social. This includes the formal annual general meeting, a brief review of the year by the Chairman, award of TAA Honours, presentations by TAAF awardees and by a recipient of TAA Honours, followed by a social reunion with buffet dinner. This is usually held in central London.

Topical News

We circulate regular news updates by email to members, covering a wide range of issues concerned with tropical agriculture, international development, social development, new publications and agricultural research, as well as specific TAA news aimed at our members. Read our news …..

Collaborative Support & Networking

TAA networks and communicates actively and effectively, to represent the views of UK and international organisations and professionals involved in agriculture for development. TAA is an active supporter of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Agriculture and Food for Development, a  Partner of the Global Forum for Agricultural Research & Innovation (GFAR), and an ‘Organisational Member’ of the Royal Society of Biology (RSB). Read more.

TAAF Awards

We provide financial support and mentoring to young graduates to enable them to undertake assignments in developing countries in topics related to rural development or sustainable agriculture. Click here to read more.

Award of Honours

The TAA awards honours to individuals and organisations for services in recognition of their significant contributions to the improvement of rural livelihoods in developing countries through sustainable agricultural development. The recipients are presented with their honours at our annual general meeting in London, and receive framed certificates.
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Vacancies, Student & Early Career Jobseekers

We offer advice to student and early career job seekers and provide a Facebook Group and other platforms to assist early career members in networking and seeking new opportunities. We also publish vacancies and job opportunities for early career and more senior positions in agriculture and rural development fields.

Charitable Activities

We are a unique professional association involved in sustainable agricultural development, registered as a UK charity, governed by a Board of Trustees and managed by an Executive Committee. As part of our remit as a registered Charity, we support:


TAA contributes to LendwithCARE, a peer-to-peer lending relationship between people in the UK and people in developing countries, operated by CARE International. It is an innovative way of raising micro-finance to help entrepreneurs in developing countries to lift themselves out of poverty. Track the progress of loan finance contributed by TAA. Lendwithcare is also a member of TAA.

Bicton Overseas Agricultural Trust

The mission of the Bicton Overseas Agricultural Trust (BOAT) is to improve agriculture and livelihoods in the developing world by teaching trainers to train more effectively, and training institutes and rural development organisations to deliver better quality training and sustainable development services through improved management. The TAA Southwest works closely in support of BOAT.


TAA has close links with GrassrootsAfrica, set up by a member, which aims to provide practical information to small farmers in Africa through links with an expert panel. TAA members are invited to join.


TAA Merchandise

We have ties with the TAA logo. These are available for sale at £12.50 each (includes £2.50 for P&P). Visit our on-line store. Orders can also be placed with the TAA Treasurer or from the SW Branch Treasurer, with payment required before dispatch, preferably direct by BACS to the TAA’s bank account.