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What TAA does: Job Vacancies

October 9th, 2018

The TAA vacancy pages advertise professional, intermediate and beginner level job opportunities for TAA members in the fields of agriculture, livestock and rural development. Three vacancy managers (Michael Fitzpatrick, Alan Stapleton and Bookie Ezeomah) work as a volunteer team to identify potentially relevant vacancies based both on regular searches of some 40-50 web-based announcements from international organisations, private consultants, NGOs and other potential employers, as well as responding to direct requests for including vacancies on the TAA web-site. Lead responsibility for identifying vacancies and reacting to requests for inclusion is determined on an informal, rotating basis among the team members. The team is overseen by the TAA Chairman and other ExCo members.Once logged-in as a TAA member, the vacancies page can be accessed to show summary details of each current vacancy (vacancy title, country/location, application deadline, assignment duration, funding and a brief outline of the vacancy). There is also a link to further information regarding the vacancy opportunity (usually, the announcement provided by the potential employer). Members with vacancies for jobs, consultancies or internships that are suitable for uploading to the website, are invited to send details to the vacancy managers. A sample vacancy is posted on a news alert to all members every Sunday.If a member no longer wishes to receive these new alerts, please email the web manager.10.1.18

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