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Tripura Agro-ecology Partnership, UK-India

January 4th, 2019

The Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR: Coventry University) is driving innovative, trans-disciplinary research on the understanding and development of resilient food and water systems internationally. CAWR is also a member of TAA. Read more about their work. In their recent Newsletter, they report on their work in Tripura State, NE India:

We have been working in Tripura, a NE Indian state, with farming communities who are testing the impact of introducing new crops into their rotations.  These participatory experiments are specifically investigating the effect on nutrition, biodiversity, economy and ‘practicality’.  Together with researchers, farmers selected new crops to include in their cropping.  The aim of the experiment was to test:

  • Whether growing the crops contributed increased nutrition to the household of the farmer engaged in the trial
  • Delivered increased biodiversity and environmental benefits in local farms.  

The trials were completed in 2018 and farmers are now sharing the results of their experiments.  The results will be available in 2019. The work is funded by the Agroecology Fund.

The academic partners are: Coventry University CAWR, University of Calcutta and the Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development. Read more …..

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