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The Value of Spiders in CA Systems

December 10th, 2018

Please find a new paper from southern Africa assessing the valuable contribution of spiders in Conservation Agriculture (CA) systems. This was a collaborative effort by CIMMYT Zimbabwe with the University of Chinoyi. The results may be particularly relevant for future research on biological control measures for the Fall Armyworm FAW.

“The present study confirmed our first hypothesis and showed that no-tillage increased abundance of some predatory ground wanderers (Lycosidae and Gnaphosidae) and plant wanderers (Thomisidae), whilst also increasing spider diversity. Moreover, our results partly supported the second hypothesis and found increased abundances of Lycosidae, Gnaphosidae and Thomisidae in mulched plots”.Read the full paper.

As the lead researcher from CIMMYT, Christian Theirfelder, says: ‘Spiders are really cool!’

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