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Standard Award

1. Purpose

To assist young British nationals or long term residents of the UK to gain experience and understanding of international rural development with a view to:

Bringing benefits to the local community and recipient country
Contributing to knowledge and understanding in the UK of development issues
Opening possible paths to a career in development
Contributing to links between UK institutions and developing countries

2. Qualifications and prior experience

2.1 Normally Required

  • Degree or diploma in a relevant discipline*
  • A strong interest in development issues
  • Under 30 years of age

* Any discipline which enables the awardee to make a contribution to improving the lives of rural people, usually but not necessarily in the field of Natural Resource use, can be considered.

2.2 Desirable

  • Skills and experience relevant to rural development
  • Generally not more than 2 years prior experience working overseas

3. Placements

Normally, candidates will find their own placement. If TAAF becomes aware of possible placements, details will be put on the website for candidates to follow up. Applications must be received by TAAF prior to the commencement of the placement. Confirmation of the placement institution’s willingness to host the candidates is required.

4. Length and outcome

  • Normally a minimum of 6 months
  • Progress and final reports will be required specifying the benefits to both awardee and host community

5. Size of Award

Up to a maximum of £2000 depending on the duration and needs of the assignment. A detailed breakdown of projected expenditure will be required.

6. Support provided

  • Access to TAA networks and Journal
  • Professional advice from a mentor and other appropriate members of TAA before, during and following the assignment
  • 2 years free membership of the TAA
  • Support with job hunting, opportunity to network with TAA Members at the Annual General Meeting and at other events/occasions.

7. Application/Enquiries

Download the application form, complete and email to with copy to