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Previous Awardees

See below for examples of awards granted by TAAF, covering:

MSc Awards to cover Masters degree research (for 6 to 8 week assignments)

Year Name Type Location Topic for Research/ Development Work Institution
2018 Gemma Bennett MSc Jordan Reactive governance in view of growing water deficit Oxford University; Water Science, Policy and Management
2018 Faryal Rohail MSc South Africa Water-energy-food nexus links to sustainable livelihoods and wellbeing University of East Anglia; Climate Change and International Development
2018 Niamh Thorne MSc Maldives Effect of algal dominance on the structural complexity and fish population of coral reefs Newcastle University, International Marine Environmental Consultancy
2018 Rowan Davis MSc Mongolia Impact of climate change adaptation schemes on local communities Oxford University; Biodiversity, Conservation and Management
2018 Rosemary Sibley MSc Brazil Indigenous land values and sustainable livelihoods in context of Brazil nut production Oxford University; Nature, Science and Environmental Management
2018 Joseph Crellin MSc Mozambique Impact of ecotourism on community benefits, Case study of Chimanimani Highland Trail Sheffield University; Intercultural Communication and International Development
2018 Mattea Baglioni MSc Burkina Faso Strategy and policies for tackling food and nutrition security SOAS; Violence, Conflict and Development
2018 Rebecca Thompson MSc Malawi Determinants of declining levels of tobacco production SOAS; Development Economics
2018 Fiacha O?Dowda MSc Madagascar Social and ecological dynamics of shifting cultivation UCL; Anthropology, Environment and Development
2018 Gabriele Warwick MSc Brazil Social analysis of agroecology adoption as a sustainable rural development strategy UCL; Anthropology, Environment and Development
2018 Abi Beath MSc Brazil Agroforestry: Oilpalm in smallholder agroforestry systems Bangor, University of Wales
2017 Jack Martin MSc Philippine Ecosystem valuation of diverse stakeholders in small lakes Sheffield University, Environmental Change and International Development
2017 Jason Savage MSc Maldives Island development as a driver of coral reef resilience in South Nilandha Atoll University of Newcastle, International Marine Environmental Consultancy
2017 Holly Morgan MSc Kenya Conservation agriculture in Laikipo and Machakos District smallholder farms Edinburgh University,Carbon Management –
2017 James Giles MSc Southeast Asia Policy barriers to implementing Climate Smart Agriculture Imperial College, London, Environmental Technology (Economics)
2017 Edward Kashi MSc Kenya Social, environmental and developmental implications of bio-energy feedstock production on marginal land Imperil College, Environmental Technology (Economics and Policy)
2017 Fred Pilkington MSc Tajikistan Designing an optimal planting strategy for the Bukharan Pear Imperil College, London, Conservation Science
2017 Amal Everitt (Charlie) MSc Maldives Ecology of planktivores on tropical coral reefs University of Newcastle, International Marine Environmental Consultancy
2017 Samantha Gallimore MSc Maldives Sources of variability in underwater visual census. University of Newcastle, International Marine Environmental Consultancy
2017 Angele Cauchois MSc Ghana Urban agriculture: spatio-temporal dynamics and water requirements in two African cities Oxford University,Water Science, Policy and Management
2017 Thomas Bates MSc Mozambique Forest conservation: diversifying livelihoods in the Chimanimani Forest Belt Sheffield University,Environmental Change and International Development
2017 Niall O?Donoghue MSc Cameroon Impact on forested areas of large-scale land-based investments Sheffield University, Environmental Change and International Development
2017 Jack Jenkins-Hill MSc Myanmar Customary land and resource governance, institutional plurality and processes of state formation in the Naga Self-Administered Zone. University College London (UCL), MRes Anthropology
2017 Mariam Mohamed Salah MSc Kenya Gender, Agriculture and REDD+ in the Embobut Forest University College London (UCL), Anthropology, Environment and Development
2017 Alice Stedman MSc South Africa Increasing irrigation efficiency as a method for reducing water-related risk and increasing resilience in South African agriculture University of East Anglia (UEA), Water Security and International Development
2017 Eleanor Spencer MSc Philippines Seaweed farming: the potential for certification Oxford University, Biodiversity, Conservation and Management
2016 Jeneen Hadj-Hammou MSc Madagascar Statistically viable methods for a community monitoring programme of harvested crabs Oxford University, Biodiversity, Conservation and Management
2016 Marcel Mallow MSc Peru Palm oil smallholder associations in Ucayali: engagement and outcomes for livelihoods and environment Oxford University, Biodiversity, Conservation and Management
2016 Justin Dupre-Harbord MSc Columbia Water management and social interactions in Wayu Communities Edinburgh University, Environment and Development
2016 Mia Raja MSc Guatemala Integrated approach to upgrading rainfed agriculture for smallholder coffee farming systems Imperial College, Environmental Technology
2016 Catherine Walker MSc Cambodia Understanding changes in livelihood strategies in indigenous communities in Seima Protection Forest, Cambodia Imperial College, Conservation Science
2016 Iona Hamilton Stubbs MSc Mauritius Contribution of Marine Protected Areas to food security within small island developing states Newcastle University, International Marine Environment
2016 Evelyn Gompertz MSc Cameroon Assessment of a Payment System for Ecosystem Services Project Sheffield University, Environmental Change and International Development
2016 Vyvyan Evans MSc Ethiopia Tanks and trade-offs: impact of rain water harvesting and climate change adaptation in Awash community University of East Anglia, Water Security and International Development
2016 Hannah Mclean Wright MSc Uganda The future of small-scale fair trade and organic coffee production and sustainable livelihoods in Jali, Bussi Island Sheffield University, Environmental Change and International Development
2016 Catherine Clarke MSc Cameroon Industrial oil palm and indigenous food security UCL, Anthropology, Environment and Development
2016 Bethany White MSc Ghana How smallholder farmers in Savelugu-Nanton Municipality localise meanings of climate change UCL, Anthropology, Environment and Development
2016 Nathalie Wilmott MSc Cambodia Participation of local communities in water management for agriculture-based livelihood programmes UCL, Anthropology, Environment and Development
2016 Jack Marley MSc Maldives Local ecological knowledge of sharks and social perspectives on management initiatives Newcastle University, International Marine Environment
2015 Adam Southern MSc Saudi Arabia Impact of National Aquaculture Group facility on the marine environment Newcastle University
2015 Bamnan Dagu MSc Peru Role of technology in the livelihoods of small scale farmers and fishermen Edinburgh University
2015 James Alden MSc Guatemala Development of an effective field kit to evaluate coffee farm adaptation to climate change Imperial College London
2015 Paul Baranowski MSc Guatemala Modelling the economic viability of smallholder coffee farms. Imperial College London
2015 Sean Denny MSc Tanzania M&E of knowledge, attitudes and practices related to forest biodiversity and conservation in the Eastern Arc Mountains Imperial College London
2015 Harriet Ibbert MSc Cambodia Impact of grassland user groups on Bengal Florian populations Imperial College London
2015 Callum Scotson MSc Trinidad & Tobago Heritability of cauliflory in Theobroma cacao Aberystwyth University
2015 Benjamin Taylor MSc Saudi Arabia Assessment of aquaculture outfall impacts on invertebrates Newcastle University
2015 George Barrett MSc Cameroon Stakeholder responses to conservation and oil exploitation in Sanaga Basin Sheffield University
2015 Natasha Howard MSc Madagascar Forest products from non-forest land use Imperial College London
2014 Richard Carpenter MSc Malawi Testing climate smart technologies using biochar stoves Reading University
2014 Ben Evans MSc Republic of Congo Resource user responses to environmental and management change Imperial College
2014 Andrew Kirby MSc Republic of Congo Understanding burning regimes in Lac Tele Imperial College
2014 Islam Abdel-Aziz MSc Burkina Faso Impact of soil and water conservation and rainfall on soil fertility and crop yields Newcastle University
2014 Alexander Chaudhary MSc Cameroon Safeguarding forest peoples alongside forest resource management Sheffield University
2014 Miriam Denis La Seve MSc Uganda Institutional bricolage for analysing the communal management of water in rural areas Sheffield University
2014 Alex OConnor MSc Peru Cocoa Agroforestry and reforestation in the Northern Peruvian Amazon University College London
2014 Samuel Holmes MSc Malawi Charcoal use in Zomba: a necessity or choice? Southampton University
2013 Emma Bush MSc Kenya Use of mosquito nets for artisanal fishing in East Africa, an unintended conservation consequence of a vital health intervention Imperial College
2013 Georgina Beresford MSc Turks & Caicos Islands Convergence between resource user perceptions and empirical ecological data of coral reef health. Newcastle University
2013 Priscilla Corbett MSc India Cultural and socio-economic dimensions of cotton cultivation in smallholder farms Oxford University
2013 Clare Stott MSc Bangladesh Knowledge flows surrounding climate change, impact on local action. UCL
2013 Joshua Allen MSc Zimbabwe Does conservation agriculture increase smallholder social and ecological resilience in Zimbabwe? Reading University
2013 Gediminas Lesutis MSc Mozambique Impact of green economy on food security in Southern Africa. Aberystwyth
2013 Jessica Street MSc India Ability of youth livelihood schemes to foster sustainable livelihoods in Rural India Sheffield University
2013 Tina Andersson MSc Solomon Islands Socio-economic factors influencing take up of coral farming. UCL
2012 Viresh Patel MSc India Sustainable Rural Livelihoods through renewable energy projects under the Clean Development Mechanism of Kyoto Protocol Oxford University
2012 Alexander Tasker MSc Kenya Cattle and Conflict: Pastoral perceptions of aid and risk in Marsabit, Northern Kenya UCL
2012 David Sabogal MSc Peru Impact of internal migrants on indigenous land tenure regime and social cohesion: implications for community-based REDD+ initiatives in Madre de Dios UCL
2012 Rachel Taylor MSc Ghana Interactions between livelihood diversity, agricultural practices and household food security in rural northern Ghana Sheffield University
2012 Francesca Fernandez MSc Philippines Non-material considerations in local fishermen and womens valuation of an established Marine Protection Area Oxford University
2012 Ben Robinson MSc Papua New Guinea Potential for charcoal co-operatives Bangor University
2012 Katherine Sainsbury MSc Tanzania Evaluating improvement of integrated community and conservation projects in Eastern Arc Mountains Imperial College
2011 Ioulia Fenton MSc Guatemala Rural-urban linkages in achieving food security in Guatemala SOAS
2011 Hyun Lee MSc Mozambique Sustainable livelihoods in Marine Protected Areas, Quirimba, UCL
2011 Sarah Wells MSc Indonesia Relationship between poverty alleviation and biodiversity conservation in East Java University of Sheffield
2011 Alastair Stewart MSc Tanzania Impact of conservation agriculture on smallholder livelihoods Reading Unversity
2011 Stephen Hardwick MSc Mali Socio-economic impacts of Jatropha production for bio-energy in rural communities Imperial College
2011 Richard Bliault MSc Kenya Fruit production and conservation in arid and semi-arid lands Cirencester
2011 Guy Whiteley MSc India Payments for ecosystem services in Western Ghats Cranfield University
2011 Melissa Schiele MSc Tanzania (Zanzibar) Viability of lagoon-based aquaculture Newcastle University
2010 Greta Dargie MSc Brazil Quantifying black carbon in Brazilian Amazonia soils, Maranhao State Newcastle University
2010 David Martin MSc India Community management of irrigation water, Sikkim State UCL
2010 Clara Greenwood MSc Swaziland Ethno-veterinary investigation of tick-killing methods, Lumbobo Region UCL
2010 Lauren Blake MSc Guatemala Tackling malnutrition among poor rural communities, Quetzaltenango Department, Eastern Guatemala SOAS
2010 Gemma Holloway MSc Uganda Assessing long term sustainability of farmer groups, Mbarara District, South-west Uganda Reading University
2010 James Brockington MSc India Assessing effects of agroforestry adoption, Karnataka State Bangor University
2010 Alice Karpinski MSc Peru Vulnerability of communities to glacier retreat, Rio Santo Catchment Oxford University
2010 Sarah Marriott MSc Tanzania Impact of fair trade on livelihoods of smallholder tea growers, Rungwe District, SW Tanzania Edinburgh University
2010 Andrew Hughes MSc Uganda Estimation of water transfers in an East African wetland system, Masaka District, South-west Uganda Cranfield University
2010 Judith Schleicher MSc Gabon Sustainability of bushmeat hunting, Ogooue-Lobo Province, Central Gabon Oxford University
2009 Abbie Chittock MSc Malawi Property rights in Dzlanyama Forest Reserve Manchester University
2009 Katherine Hart MSc Costa Rica Perceptions, poaching and participation sea turtle egg removal in National Park Newcastle University
2009 Elizabeth Duffy MSc Uganda Impact of farmer training for sustainable agriculture Imperial College
2009 Lindsey Jones MSc Nepal Adaptive capacity of smallholder agricultural systems Oxford University
2009 Matthew Richard MSc Kenya Domestic and productive uses of water, poverty reduction and sustainable livelihoods Oxford University
2009 Craig Mauelshagen MSc India Local knowledge for biodiversity sampling in Kaziranga National Park, Assam Oxford University
2009 Sarah Stern MSc Mali Estimation of aflotoxin content of village diets Oxford Brookes
2009 Robbie Blake MSc Bangladesh Community adaptation to climate change risk in flood-prone areas University of East Anglia
2009 Katie Hogg MSc Honduras Participatory governance of fisheries resources Newcastle University
2008 Pedro de Carvalho MSc Brazil Integrated zero tillage and soil protection in Goias, Western Brazil Newcastle University
2008 Ruth Phillips MSc Uganda Agroforestry as a method for improving Natural Resource Management: banana plantations in South-West Uganda Reading University
2008 James Gould-Bourn MSc Iraqi Kurdistan Assessment of landmine impact on rural farming commuities in Sulaymaniyah Province Manchester University
2008 Madeline Hodge MSc Philippines (Zambales) Can intergenerational support and education promote success of Marine Protected Areas? Newcastle University
2008 Lucy Hayes MSc Cuba Energy efficiency and the role of renewable energy in sustainable development in Cuba Imperial College
2008 Virginia Hooper MSc India Water allocation at Hirakud Dam, Orissa Oxford University
2008 Natalie Jones MSc Madagascar Towards sustainable bamboo management in Fianarantsoa Bangor University
2008 Bjorn Alfthorn MSc India Intensification of natural resource extraction around protected areas: case study of Kaziranga National Park, Assam Oxford University
2008 Lydia Cole MSc India Investigating the impact of human resource use around Kaziranga National Park: a test for “leakage” Oxford University
2007 Victoria Strawson MSc Madagascar Stakeholder analysis of environmental governance of protected areas in Madagascar Oxford University
2007 Leonie Nimmo MSc Ethiopia Local knowledge of regeneration of Juniperus procera in Bale Reg Bangor University
2007 Rachel Lenane MSc Madagascar Local resource use and biodiversity knowledge mapping Oxford University
2007 Rebecca Perry MSc Philippines Seaweed farming for enhancing income and reducing fisheries effort Newcastle University
2007 Peter Chaniotis MSc Philippines Socio-ecological evaluation of success of San Salvador Marine Protected Area Newcastle University
2007 Charles Benjies MSc Thailand Indicators of over-fishing in Marine Protected Area at Adang-Rawi Island Newcastle University
2007 Marie Claire Langley MSc Indonesia Impact of climate change on coastal livelihoods in the Djakarta area Edinburgh University
2006 Sarah Cooper MSc Ethiopia Classification of native forage vegetation and livestock feeding strategies, Tigray, N Ethiopia Bangor University.
2006 Joana Coutinho MSc Madagascar Improving livelihoods and natural resource conservation in rainforests, Eastern Madagascar Bangor University
2006 Sarah Hornby MSc Thailand Role of sesarmid crabs in enhancing use of mangrove carbon by sediment in fauna Newcastle University
2006 Duncan Copeland MSc Sri Lanka Local uses of mangroves, potential for increased community participation in their restoration Edinburgh University
2006 Carole White MSc Runion Interdisciplinary study of artisanal fisheries and implications of Marine Reserve implementation Newcastle University
2006 Mairi Dorward MSc Tanzania Impact or rural energy sources on development and poverty reduction, Northern Tanzania Oxford University
2006 Thea Johnstone MSc Laos Evaluation of Mekong Wetland Resource, Si Phan Don, South West Lao PDR Newcastle University

Standard Awards (for 6 to12 month assignments)

Year Name Type Location Topic for Research/ Development Work Institution
2014 Martin Findlay Standard Cameroon Bambui mentoring project: village water supply investigation Engineers without Borders
2013 Harriet Smith Standard Malawi Impact of charcoal production on forested areas around Zomba Chancellor College, Malawi
2012 Jessica Chu Standard Zambia Social and economic impact of large scale land acquisitions Zambia Land Alliance
2011 Ben Frampton Standard Zimbabwe Training, Monitoring and Evaluation of Conservation Farming Systems Foundations for Farming,
2011 James Brockington Standard India Participatory market appraisal with Self Help Farming Groups Best Practices Foundation, Karnataka
2010 Katie Hogg Standard Mozambique Protection of marine environment and sustainable livelihoods of fishing communities Foundation for the Protection of Marine Mega-fauna, Inhambane
2009 Rowan Godfrey Standard Kenya Community vegetable gardens in Thika area Positive Impact/Real IPM
2009 Simon Howard Standard Laos Viability of smallholder participation in Jatropha programme Laos Institute for Renewable Energy (LIRE)
2009 Lucrezia Tincani Standard Burkina Faso Povertymitigating role of forest resources in rural Burkina Faso Tree Aid
2009 Jonathan Stern Standard Costa Rica Economic analysis of cocoa supply chain (follow-up to 2008 award) ANAI Centre
2008 Elizabeth Adams Standard Namibia Training in sustainable agriculture and website design at Gobabeb Training and Research Cemtre
2008 Louise Glew Standard Kenya Evaluating effectiveness of community-based conservation programmes Northern Rangelands Trust
2008 Jonathan Stern Standard Costa Rica Professional Support Volunteer, focus on Fairtrade and agri-environment ANAI, Costa Rica
2008 John and Ali Laws Standard Uganda Agricultural Development Projects JOY Children’s Centre
2007 Sarah Jane Cooper Standard India Action research on Agrobiodiversity in the Western Himalayas Grassroots India Trust/ Society of Human Awareness and Rural Action (SHARA)
2007 Joana Borges Continho Standard Madagascar Implementation of livelihood based interventions in forest margin communities Conservation International Madagascar
2006 John Ferguson Standard Kenya Urban Food Security to combat AIDS and women-led livestock and horticulture in Nakuru town ILRI
2006 Austin Haffenden Standard Brazil Training of Trainers in Amazonian agroforestry and direct support for producers Iniciativa Amazonica (IA) and El Instituto Para el Hombre, Agricultura y Ecologia (IPHAE).
2006 Cecily Hindley Standard Indonesia Agroforestry promotion ICRAF
2006 Graham Clarkson Standard Malawi Land use intensity and on-farm tree planting in Malawi. SUNESMA Malawi
2006 Richard Cook Standard Philippines Tilapia farming for smallholders With company “Genomar Supreme Philippines
2006 David Carr Standard India Smallholder livestock production in Orissa Reading University Livestock Group
2005 Lucy Nickoll Standard Bolivia Integrated Community Development ACDI