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TAA Questionnaire Survey of Individual Members, 2017

October 9th, 2018

In2008 a survey was conducted, which served to refine a future strategy, based onsix major themes. Since then, much has happened: technologies have changed andthe activities of TAA have evolved. Therefore we have decided to conduct a newQuestionnaire Survey, which we ask all members to complete by 31 October. The Questionnaire can also be accessed from our Home Page. It is in two parts. Please attempt to answer all questions but if you have only recently joined TAA or have no experience of the 2008 strategy activities you may omit responses to Part 1. All members should please respond to Part 2, which relates to a future TAA strategy. Your views are important: the survey is an opportunity for you to contribute to the future of TAA. Part 1. A review of themes andactivities in the 2008 strategy, to identify successes and constraints to theactivities undertaken – questions are shown in green font. Part 2. Covers issues related to a futureTAA strategy, to suggest any necessary modifications to existing activities,identify new activities and consider links to other organizations and themanagement of the Association. Questions are shown in red font.Concurrently,we shall be circulating by email a slightly different questionnaire to therepresentatives of each of our Institutional member organisations for theirviews. Institutional member representatives can also access their survey here. 4/10/17

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