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Sustainable Water Fund (FDW): Indian TAA member seeks partners.

October 9th, 2018

We welcome VRUTTI as an institutionalmember of TAA. Vrutti, is an NGO based in India, that works withrural communities who are dependent predominantly on farm-based livelihoods,to increase their income, make them resilient and more responsible farmers, inturn creating successful entrepreneurs and sustained job creators. Establishedin 2002, VRUTTI has been contributing towards empowering poor and marginalised communities across India. VRUTTI is keen to apply for supportunder the Netherlands Government Sustainable Water Fund (FDW) projectsand seeks TAA member organisations to join in a technical partnership on the themearea of “Efficient and sustainable water use, particularly within agriculture”http://.In India, FDW works in partnerships with Solidariadad, a Dutch NGO. If any TAAmembers are interested in pursuing this link, please contact Pramel Gupta  29.8.17

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