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Small Group Discussion-Series: TAA India Branch

December 5th, 2018

TAA-India is planning to organise “Small Group Discussion-Series” (SGDS) on current global and regional issues in the areas of rural livelihood, agribusiness, conservation agriculture, environment conservation and land husbandry focusing for policy and/or action support. In addition to TAA members, key professional/ specialist non-members will be invited to participate in the SGDS. Thus the learning will be shared to the wider audience.

Initially, SGDS-1 is planned to be organised in Delhi, tentatively during first half of February 2019. However the criteria for the selection of location will be decided across the country on the basis of interest and priority of the respective members. The institutional members of TAA-India are requested to come forward with some modest  financial support to organise SGDS. All TAA-India members are also requested to suggest the contacts who can be approached for small financial support.

The suggestions from members will be highly appreciated, including possible invitees. It is also requested to suggest the theme for SGDS-1 to be organised in February 2019. Please respond to Girish Bhardwaj, India Organiser

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