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Regeneration of Soils and Ecosystems: the Flat Earth Approach?

December 13th, 2018

We are probably at the most crucial crossroad of Humanity’s history. We are changing the Earth’s climate as a result of accelerated human-made Greenhouse Gases Emissions (GHG) and biodiversity loss, provoking other effects that increase the complexity of the problem and will multiply the speed with whichwe approach climate chaos, and social chaos too. Read more about regeneration of soils and ecosystems.

Rob Blakemore, however, argues that when terrain is factored in, then land area increases substantially. The surface area of Earth is effectively doubled, so are biodiversity, biomass and SOC carbon. Our baseline for calculations and proper allocation of resources requires recalibration. His calculations may be somewhat inaccurate, but they are less wrong than current ones and any counter-argument is for a “Flat Earth”.

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