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New Publications from FAO: Contract Farming and Livestock Manure

November 1st, 2018

Contract farming and public-private partnerships in aquaculture: Lessons learned from East African countries. FAO fisheries and aquaculture technical paper; 68 pages | 210 x 297 mm | ISBN 9789251307113

Through an array of project outcomes in different countries, this paper demonstrates that contract farming is a “win–win” solution because young workers gain access to markets, while private companies have access to produce without acquiring land or supervising labour. Download here.

Nitrogen inputs to agricultural soils from livestock manure, New statistics. 86 pages | 176 x 250 mm | ISBN 9789251300244

This report sheds light on the amount of nitrogen applied to agricultural soils from livestock manure at different scales, and the relevance of producing, refining and monitoring statistics for agronomic policy and planning. Download here.


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