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New Publication ‘Compendium on Climate-Smart Irrigation’

October 26th, 2018

The Global Alliance on Climate-Smart Agriculture (GACSA) and partner’s announce a new publication, Compendium on Climate-Smart Irrigation: Concepts, evidence and options for a climate-smart approach to improving the performance of irrigated cropping systems. The compendium provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges and issues for sustainable irrigation development, both related and unrelated to climate change. It discusses the options and opportunities for each of the three pillars of climate-smart agriculture (CSA), identifies potential synergies and trade-offs between the different objectives of CSA, and underscores the importance of inclusive processes engaging stakeholders across different sectors and institutional levels. If you have any questions, please contact the GACSA Facilitation Unit at FAO or Julian Schnetzer or [Thanks to David R]

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