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New Diploma in Agriculture, Zambia Institute of Agriculture

October 9th, 2018

The Zambia Institute of Agriculture (ZIA), in partnership with the Cambridge Centre for Environment (CCE), is starting a diploma course in agriculture, commencing 14th August 2017, in Ndola. The course offers the following subjects. 1. Crop Science; 2. Farm Management; 3. Farm Machinery/ Engineering; 4. Livestock Production; 5.Aquaculture; 6.Agricultural Economics; 7. Land Management, Environmental Conservation & Management; 8. Nutrition, Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture. The course will involve 8 sessions, and will be completed by April 2020.The ZIA was founded by Chris Kapembwe, a TAA member, who heads our Zambia & Southern Africa Branch. The CCE was set up by Martin Kaonga, a TAA member living in Cambridge. They are now looking for interested experts to help. Any TAA member interested in teaching is invited to pick a session subject, in which they feel qualified to teach, and contact Chris. If the offer is accepted, ZIA will arrange and pay for flights and cover costs of stays and other logistics. A session takes one week. Click to see the course Calendar. Chris is open for questions and discussion on WhatsApp (+260977536825). Please contact him on WhatsApp or by email if you are interested! or need more information.24.5.17

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