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New Book: Increasing Production from the Land

December 20th, 2018

This ‘Sourcebook on Agriculture for Teachers and Students in East Africa’, has just been published. The authors are Andrew Coulson, Antony Ellman and Emmanuel Mbiha.

This is an important new book on small farmers in East Africa and the constraints and opportunities they face. It includes chapters on how farmers currently use their land, technologies that could help them to raise their productivity, a comparison of large and small farms, water and irrigation, research, extension, finance, markets, gender myths, and policies for a sustainable agricultural sector. Each chapter ends with one or more practical case studies showing how the principles set out in the chapter have been applied, and recommendations for further reading.

The target audience is students and agricultural teachers and practitioners in East Africa, but the book should be of interest to a much wider audience. Written by three professionals with deep experience of African agriculture (including Antony Ellman who chairs the TAA’s Award Fund), the book can be purchased in UK from the African Books Collective or by email to

A review of the book by Dr Paul Harding will appear in the next issue of the TAA’s journal Agriculture for Development, No 35.

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