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Members’ Revised Update on the new TAA Website

November 24th, 2018

Many of you will have explored the new website. We hope you like it? There are still several issues being resolved and the full value of the new membership database is yet  to be realised. We ask for your patience. We also seek your help in updating your ‘profile’, see below. We  have now modified the news item to account for some feedback.

There are few tips to help members become comfortable with the new structure:

  • Accessing the Membership areas. Please click on the “Members” tab on the nav bar at the top of the site. This will ask you to enter your membership number and password, then click “login”. This will show the status of your membership subscriptions. Click on “edit profile” under “My Account” and you will have access to members’ information, vacancies, downloads of recent journals etc.
  • We encourage all members to log in and update their Profile as soon as possible, please (‘Edit Profile’ under the ‘My Account’ heading, click ‘Your Profile’)  If you have forgotten your password, you can now request a new one under the ‘Login’ heading.
  • News, Vacancies and Events are being posted at intervals and will be emailed to members. If you need more information on a news item, just click on the blue (live) title of the relevant item in the email. Note that you will need to be logged-in as a member to view the Vacancies pages.
  • We have deleted the Directory of CVs, which was seldom used before. We have included a new Careers Summary section, which requires members to update their Profiles to include relevant information. This will then be viewable by all members.
  • Visit “What we do” on the “Home” page for information on such things as our “Award of Honours” and other activities of TAA.
  • There is now s “Search” button (top left in the nag bar) to help you navigate and find specific topics.

If you have any problems or suggestions, feel free to contact us: website or membership. Meantime, we ask for patience as teething problems in the new site are resolved.

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