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Join the Small Robot Revolution! 

January 8th, 2019

The Small Robot Company, based in the UK announces a good year for their small robots. A year ago, they launched their Small Robot concept at an Oxford Farming Conference event, introducing Tom, Dick and Harry to the farming community. Their no-till robots will farm arable crops autonomously, with no waste. Wide coverage has been given in the media BBC NewsBBC Farming Today.

As a result, they discovered that it is not just farmers who care about farms being more productive and kinder to the environment. People who may never have set foot on a commercial farm have been getting in touch to say that they care about how soil is managed and how crops are grown because they, like us, are worried about how we’re going to feed the world in the future. With crowdfunding, they plan to build robust robots for commercial trials across the UK in 2021. This includes their no-till digital planting robot Harry, whose prototype was unveiled at Agritech REAP, near Cambridge UK.

‘Harry’: No-till Robot

The digital revolution is gaining pace, and within five years will be mainstream at scale. Small is for the future.We’re looking forward to you joining the Small Robot revolution!

[Thanks to Michael F]


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