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iShamba helps Kenya farmers improve their farms and get better yields.

October 9th, 2018

Farmers can sign up to iShamba and turn their farminto a profitable business: free or premium services. A practical example ofnew technology working for small farmers. iShambais a call centre of agricultural experts where you can SMS in your questions orcall in to speak to an expert for instant help. Once you sign up, you will alsoreceive agri tips on crop and livestock, market prices and weather updates. Sign up to iShamba premium and get instant access to our call centre.Call in any day to speak to a farming expert. Wondering when you shouldvaccinate your chickens? Or when is the best time to top dress your maize?Receive tips on your phone about the crops you are growing and the livestockyou are keeping. Get weather forecasts, weekly crop market prices on your phonefrom major markets countrywide. Read more and watch the video at

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