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Introduction to Community Development: training course by ECHO

October 9th, 2018

As a development worker, where do you start? Thisfive-day course on Introduction to Community Development, organised by ECHO, will cover the basics of effective communitydevelopment. Using proven participatory methods, experienced communitydevelopment workers will introduce attendees to hands-on tools that can betterenable change agents and partner communities to survey local assets and needs.Utilising feedback, participants will practice prioritising issues as well asstrategic responses in order to develop action plans. Course participants willwalk through the fundamentals of project management cycles: planning,implementation, monitoring, finances, and reporting. Additionally, participantswill explore methodologies of agricultural information exchange. Dates 14-18 August 2017; venueFlorida USA Coursefee: $645.00. Ask about our discounts at:

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