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Innovative ICTs for scaling-up agricultural technology in Ethiopia

October 9th, 2018

Farm RadioInternational is a Canadian-based, not-for-profit organization working indirect partnership with approximately 600 radio broadcasters in 38 Africancountries to fight poverty and food insecurity. Agriculturalextension officers are an invaluable resource for farmers looking to increasetheir yields. Extension officers can provide tips on combating a new disease,or advice on planting and post-harvest practices. Unfortunately, farmers livingin remote areas infrequently interact with agricultural extension officers.However, information communication technologies(ICTs) can bridge the distance between farmers and extension officers. Radio,combined with mobile phones to create ICTs such as beep-to-vote, as well asparticipatory community video, can engage farmers and provide them withinformation they need. This innovative approach will combine radio and video toreach listening groups in select regions of Ethiopia. Participatory programs,led by local radio broadcasters, will promote quality seed and the productionof wheat and maize, aiming to reach 900,000 farmers with the information theyneed to increase their yield. Read more about Ethiopia and many other projects across Africa.9.6.18

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