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Indonesian Minister seeks to ban licences to use designated Forest & Peatland

October 9th, 2018

Reuters (July 24) reports that Indonesia’s environment ministersays that she wants to make permanent a moratorium on issuing new licences touse land designated as primary forest and peatland. “So far its only beenextended, and extended again. I want a permanent (moratorium),” saidEnvironment and Forestry Minister Siti NurbayaBakar. “Our primary forest cannot be cleared out.”Indonesia is prone to outbreaks offorest fires during dry seasons, often blamed on the draining of peatlandforests and land clearance for agriculture such as the cultivation of palm oil.The resulting choking smoke from the world’s biggest palm oil producer oftenblows across to neighbouring countries like Singapore and Malaysia, reducingvisibility and causing a health hazard. Established in 2011, the moratoriumcovered an area of more than 66 million ha by November 2016. 1.8.17

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