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Guidelines for Final Report of TAAF MSc

Award is a checklist of subjects to be dealt with in your final report. If you have nothing to say on some of the subjects, then leave them out. If there are relevant subjects not covered by this checklist, then feel free to include them. Be frank. Please put confidential matters in a separate note marked “Confidential”, submitted together with the final report, but not part of it, so that we can submit the report itself to the editor of the TAA Newsletter and other persons who may be interested in it. If you would prefer us not to do that, please write “Confidential” also on the report.

The main purposes of the final report are to provide you with a record for future reference, to provide the Committee with feedback, and to provide guidance for future awardees who may follow in your footsteps.

The final report should be submitted in electronic form to the TAAF at: before the end of your course of study. The report must be endorsed by your supervisor. If you are including photographs, it is a good idea to do so in a separate annex, so that the text part of the report can be more easily circulated.

The words in brackets on this page are for your guidance, not for inclusion in your final report.




Final Report




Glossary of acronyms

Prepare the glossary as a two-column table, with acronyms listed alphabetically in the first column. Show the name or title to which the acronym applies in full in the text (with the acronym in brackets) on the first occasion it is used. For readability of the text, minimise the use of acronyms, with ideally no more than one acronym per sentence.


Publications submitted, in preparation or envisaged, arising from this project, should be listed (including your MSc dissertation).











Award Details

(This section, excluding the Annexes, should not exceed 3 sides of A4. Please use Arial, font 10).

Amount of award


Date of start of assignment


Date of termination of assignment


Address, telephone number and email address of awardee


Degree or diploma course taken, and at what institution

Name of supervisor


Project Details


Project Title & Location



Recipient organisation
Name of contact person


Address, telephone number and email address of contact person/organisation


1. Introduction

  • Describe the project context (background)
  • Summarise briefly the aims and objectives of the project

2. Project location and activities

  • Describe the study area(s)
  • Describe what work was undertaken and what methodology was used.
  • Describe risks and assumptions in carrying out the work. Note any beneficial circumstances enabling good progress to be made, and unforeseen events which hampered your work.

3. Outputs/Results of the Assignment

  • Describe the results of your work, and how they contributed to fulfilling the objectives of your assignment. Refer to any technical, analytical or research work that was conducted.
  • Consider the wider relevance and impact of your project: (i) for the country or organisation with which you were working; (ii) for the local community; (iii) for your own career.

4. Conclusions

  • Summarise the main conclusions and implications of your work
  • Suggest any changes to the award scheme which you consider desirable
  • Any other comments

5. References

List all publications and reports consulted and referred to in your report

6. Summary of experience – for possible publication

Please provide 1-2 paragraphs (maximum half page of A4) summarising the overall experience of undertaking this research, in a form that may be used in the TAA magazine Agriculture for Development or on the TAAF website. The summary should include a brief description of the aims of the study, the outcome, the lessons learned, and your own assessment of its value both to the local community and to yourself.

7. Supervisor endorsement