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Greetings to TAA members for 2019, our 40th anniversary

January 1st, 2019

This year is very special: 40 years ago, in 1979, members of the former ICTA Association decided to rename their organisation as the Tropical Agriculture Association, which was constituted in the UK. Why not read about our history up to 2015?

We hope to use this 40th anniversary to reinvigorate TAA. We need to recruit more members, so let’s make it a resolution for each of us to recruit at least one new member this year (joining is now very easy, via the new website). We need to ensure that we serve the needs of members, especially our younger members. We also need to decide how best to support and encourage our international branches, as part of an overall strategy for the future.

We are grateful to those members who have already volunteered to help with ExCo and planning 40th anniversary events. If you have ideas on how to promote our anniversary, please send them to the Web Manager . We propose that Ag4Dev37, the Summer 2019 issue of our journal, should be dedicated to celebrating our 40th anniversary. Current ideas include publishing articles on the history of the TAA, influential members of the TAA, institutional members, the evolution of Ag4Dev, highlights of key articles, the future of the TAA, and an index of articles and authors.

We would welcome ideas about how we can do this, and/or volunteers to contribute to this special issue of the journal.  Please contact the Coordinating Editor, Paul Harding .

Let’s make this an important year and one that reforms the TAA so that it can prosper over the next 40 years! Good wishes to all, Keith Virgo Chairman, TAA

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