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European Conservation Agriculture Federation (ECAF)

October 9th, 2018

ECAF was constituted in Brussels on 14th January, 1999, as a non-profit making international association, subjected to the Belgium laws. It was conceived to encourage any issue focused on maintaining the agrarian soil and its biodiversity in the context of sustainable agriculture. ECAF is not involved in any commercial product, equipment and/ or trademark.The aims of ECAF are: to promote information to farmers, agrarian technicians and society in general, about the techniques that make it possible to conserve agrarian soil and its biodiversity, in the context of sustainable agriculture; to encourage the development, teaching and investigation on any aspect related to Conservation Agriculture and the biodiversity of agrarian soil; to develop all kinds of activities and programs addressed to the achievement of the previous aims.ECAF is an Institutional member of TAA; Amir Kassam is an honorary member of ECAF23.12.17

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