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Countries breathe life into the Paris climate agreement

December 19th, 2018

A deal was done in Katowice, Poland that brought the Paris Agreement to life but failed to give it a certain future.

It also bucked a trend of decline in the multilateral order and gave a much searched-for win to those who wish for global solutions to global problems. The rules adopted were more comprehensive than many had expected to be returned from Cop24.

Read the Climate Home News story here and see how the deal was done in the live blog.

“Sadly, however, nothing on Conservation Agriculture as a best agroecological approach to regenerative and sustainable Climate Smart Agriculture! There is a mention of ‘avoids ploughing’ under the agroecology section. In 2015/16 CA covered more than 180 million hectares of cropland globally (12.5% of global arable lands) and coverage is increasing at the annual rate of over 10 million hectares since 2008/09. Conservation Agriculture is practiced by all types of farmers in all continents in all land-based agroecologies. Clearly, there seems to be a blockage in understanding and communication somewhere!” Amir Kassam (TAA member).

[submitted by Global Community of Practice on Conservation Agriculture]

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