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COP24 “4 per 1,000”: Soils for Food Security & Climate

January 10th, 2019

The UNFCCC’s“4 per 1,000” programme seeks to create an enabling environment to foster soil carbon sequestration in agricultural and forest ecosystems. Click here to access and download all presentations, documents, posters and videos made on the ‘4 per 1,000 Day’ at the FAO COP24 sessions inKatowice, Poland, on December 13th 2018 (options for French, English, Spanish versions). . One can watch a video of proceedings .[submitted by Paul Luu, Executive Secretary of ‘4 per 1,000’, via Amir Kassam of FAO’s Global CA-COP].

Please note that Martin Kaonga [a TAA member and a member of the Science & Technical Committee of the “4 Per 1,000 Initiative”]will be speaking at the TAA seminar in Cambridge on 15th May, under the title “4 per 1,000 Initiative: is it a myth?”. Why not sign up now to join the seminar and learn more about the ‘4 per 1,000’ initiative?

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