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Contributors and Helpers required by the Editor of our journal Ag4Dev

October 9th, 2018

The Editorial Team for our journal Agriculture for Development is seeking support from members:(1) A volunteer to compile Upcoming Events for each issue of Ag4Dev. This requires one or two days’ work every four months. The volunteer will take over from James Malins, who has done an excellent job for the last two years, as a member of the team producing Ag4Dev. Please contact Paul Harding, Coordinating Editor of Ag4Dev. (2) We are particularly keen to receive contributions (500-1000 words) to Reminiscences and Reflections from female members of the TAA, for including in Ag4Dev32, a special issue on Women in Agriculture. Examples of contributions can be seen in previous issues of the journal. Please send contributions to Paul Harding 31.5.17

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