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Conservation Agriculture research in Bangladesh

December 30th, 2018

A group of scientists recently reviewed the Conservation Agriculture research and development work in Bangladesh and synthesized this in a review paper: “Conservation Agriculture for Rice-Based Intensive Cropping by Smallholders in Eastern Gangetic Plain”, which has been published in Agriculture Journal (doi:10.3390/agriculture9010005) on 22 December, 2018.  In this review paper on the practice of CA (ie. minimum mechanical soil disturbance, organic soil cover and crop species diversification) by smallholders, the authors concluded that CA is an approach that could improve soil health, decrease crop production costs, increase crop production and profitability in Bangladesh. The paper outlined the development of a form of CA suited to rice-based cropping in small farms, with particular reference to Bangladesh. In this paper, the authors also outlined a roadmap for CA in Bangladesh and recommended some priorities of research, extension and education.

In addition, we recently published a Manual for Smallholders’ Conservation Agriculture in Rice-based Systems.  A Bangla version of the Manual will appear in the first half of 2019.

Submitted via the FAO CA-CoP by Enamul Haque , who hopes the information will be useful for agricultural policy, particularly farm mechanization and Conservation Agriculture.

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