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Institutional Members’ Benefits

Benefits available to the Institutional Members of the Tropical Agriculture Association include:

  • Full access to all pages of our website.
  • The web site includes password-protected access to a list of current TAA members, representing a wide range of different disciplines and different levels of experience.
  • Access to the ‘Expertise’ of members. Whilst many members gain a livelihood from consultancy, some may be available for short (15 – 30 minute) ad hoc
  • Full access to materials on the web site, including previous and current Journals (Agriculture for Development), and a range of additional publications and lectures. These are also available to your employees as long as the institutional membership remains current.
  • Dedicated Institutional members’ pages on the TAA web site. These outline the core activities and disciplines of each institutional member and contact details. We rely on Institutional members to provide current information about their work and to update contact names (please send to our Web Manager).
  • Access to regular email alerts on topical news and events of interest.  for up to five employees: the designated ‘contact employee’ and four other nominated employees.
  • Free facility for institutional members to advertise vacant positions, upcoming consultancy opportunities that require staffing and events. We welcome sponsorship by institutional members, including for technical meetings or provision of venues.
  • Contact with TAA student Early Career members and Tropical Agriculture Award Fund (TAAF) awardees, who may be of interest as future employees or recruited as junior consultants. If institutional members have interns, they could be sponsored by TAAF, subject to the formal TAAF award evaluation and assessment processes.
  • Two hard copies of each issue of the TAA’s journal, “Agriculture for Development“, published three times a year. Issues are either ‘open’ or themed to address topical development issues. Institutional members who wish to sponsor an issue, can do so, after negotiation with the Coordinating Editor.
  • Each issue of “Agriculture for Development” has a institutional member’s page. This provides an opportunity for institutional members to market their skills, announce and publicise the winning of any prestigious contracts or other important institutional news.
  • Participation in TAA organized events, including public meetings or All Party Parliamentary Group on Agriculture and Food for Development.
  • Networking opportunities with other like-minded institutional members.
  • Institutional members are invited to nominate (by August 1st) candidates for the TAA annual Honours awards.
    • “Young Development Agriculturalist of the year” (one UK-based and one overseas-based).
    • “Development Agriculturalist of the Year”.