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Appropriate Technology magazine

October 9th, 2018

Appropriate Technologymagazine communicates new practical technologies, policiesand ideas addressed to the elimination of poverty and hunger. The readership includes personnel who are actively involved in a widerange of urban and rural economic development projects, programmes, health,education and training work. Thismay include, helping communities to achieve self-sufficiency in food, water andenergy; develop micro-enterprises; design & construction of ruralbuildings; emergency relief management; water supply & sanitation:improving healthcare; improving agricultural and natural resource output etc.Published quarterly, subscribers to AppropriateTechnology also benefit by having online access with search facility to ALLvolumes from year 2003. If you have a genuine interest in AppropriateTechnology and would like to increase your network with others who have similarinterest then why not join the LinkedIn Appropriate Technology Group. Meantime,why not read the July 2017 edition. 31.7.17

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