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APPG on Agriculture and Food for Development

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Agriculture and Food for Development seeks to bring together UK Parliamentarians concerned with agriculture, nutrition and wider food security in the developing world. This cross-party group aims to engender progressive and informed debate within Westminster and beyond by bridging the gap between policymakers and practitioners in the field whilst also giving a voice to the 700 million smallholder farmers worldwide.
The APPG was established by Parliamentarians in October 2008 in response to growing concerns over the heightening food crisis and a steady decline in the funding of agricultural research for international development at both bilateral and multilateral levels.TAA played an important role in initiating the APPG through its membership of the UK Forum on Agricultural Research for Development. The TAA is an official ‘Supporter’ of the APPG.

Co-Chaired by Lord Cameron of Dillington and Jeremy Lefroy MP, it is a cross-party initiative drawing members from both Houses of the UK Parliament. It aims to bring together Parliamentarians concerned with both the technical and social science of agriculture. It seeks to use its cross-party membership to:

improve support from the British Government for farmers and other stakeholders in developing countries whilst recognising the pivotal role that increased levels of agricultural research, and their outputs can have in eliminating global poverty.
support for the developmental needs of the 450 million smallholder farmers who feed 2 billion people worldwide.
engender progressive and informed debate within Westminster and beyond by bridging the gap between policymakers, agricultural development specialists and practitioners in the field.

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Caspar Van Vark is the coordinator for the APPG. Caspar was formerly a freelance journalist in the food/agriculture sector
(Tel: 020 7219 6079; Mob: 07803 722598).

Please contact the TAA Coordinator for APPG if you need further advice or have suggestions for future APPG meeting topics.