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Access Agriculture: an international NGO

October 9th, 2018

Access Agriculture may be interesting to TAA members (or already known). It showcases agricultural training videos in local languages. Hereyou can see examples of videos, download them or order a DVD copy. Theaudio tracks can also be downloaded by radio stations. This is a platform for agriculturalR&D staff, service providers, extension agents, communication professionalsand representatives of farmer organisations to see what training videos are available and request new language versions.The videos are all designed to support sustainable agriculture indeveloping countries. View examples of earthworm composting, which can increase soil fertility and helpincrease the production of vegetables in poor and salty soils. Here we will learnabout a fast and easy way to make earthworm compost on a small piece of land.Also, see the technique of Zai Pits to aid moisture conservation and fertility in dry zones. 8.6.17

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