GFAR Global Forum Partner

TAA has joined the Global Forum for Agricultural Research (GFAR) as a ‘Global Forum Partner’. Below is the ‘welcome’ message from Mark Holderness,
GFAR Executive Secretary and TAA member, 10th August 2016

Thank you for registering as a Partner in the Global Forum – the unique forum bringing together all those concerned with how agricultural and food research and innovation can help deliver sustainable development. You are very welcome, and your organization is now publicly recognized as a Partner in GFAR through the GFAR website:

You are also very welcome to identify yourself and your members as a Partner in GFAR through your own website and communications and please do encourage other to become GFAR Partners as well.

Why don’t you now make use of the extensive GFAR networks to tell the world about what you are doing to deliver our common purpose? Do send us your articles, blogs, news and information about your organization and how it is helping to contribute to the aims of the Global Forum.

If you would like us to specifically highlight your work, or celebrate a key event, through the GFAR website and emailed-updates, please contact

GFAR is an open and inclusive Forum, made up of its Partners. The Forum encompasses a wide diversity of views and perspectives among its Partners. By its multi-stakeholder nature, the Forum works through consensus, but we recognize that individual Partners are always free to maintain their own positions on any issues addressed.

Each sector is directly represented in the GFAR Partners Assembly and Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is currently being reconstituted and we will let you know as soon as possible the processes being determined by each sector, by which they wish to choose their representatives in GFAR’s governance.

If you have particular Collective Actions in mind and are looking for partners, the contact points for all our the Partners in the Forum are provided in the Partners list on the website. In some cases, the GFAR Secretariat may be able to help catalyse such actions. Please contact the GFAR Secretariat for further advice:

With my best regards,

Mark Holderness,
GFAR Executive Secretary