Environment Specialist Group

 Cambridge Conservation Forum

The environmental conservation group is built around the TAA membership of the Cambridge Conservation Forum (CCF). The CCF exists to strengthen links and develop new synergies across the diverse community of conservation practitioners and researchers based in and around Cambridge, working at local, national and international levels. Read more

Membership of CCF gives access by TAA member to a vast network of leading environmental, conservation, research and development institutes, including those listed below.

Membership of CCF enables TAA members to participate in seminars, symposia and other events, which are published in the CCF monthly Newsletter. TAA has been active on the organising committees for the CCF Annual and Summer symposia. The CCF Newsletter also lists job opportunities, scholarships, internships and up-to-the-minute information on conservation and the environment.

Members who wish to join the mailing list for the CCF Newsletter (weekly of monthly), register on the CCF website, or for more information, simply email Keith Virgo


Bookings now open for the symposium on January 9th 2014, Cambridge. Click here for details and downloadable booking form. Please join us!

Society of Biology

The TAA is also a Member Organisation of the Society of Biology, which provides access to a wide range of environment-related events and networks  Read more