UK Forum on Agricultural Research for Development

Responding to needs in developing countries for agricultural research, development, education and skills.


A network of individuals, business and corporate bodies in the UK capable of responding to the needs in developing countries for research, development, education and skills in support of equitableand sustainable agricultureand natural resources management.

  • Provide opportunities for open discussion, debate and exchange of information and ideas among all stakeholders across all areas of its mission.
  • Network and communicate actively and effectively, to represent the views of UK organisations involved in agricultural research for international development
  • Contribute to and influence the development of national and international policies and programmes by initiating its own proposals and responding to the draft initiatives of others.
  • Provide UK representation to the European Forum of Agricultural Research for Development.
  • Feed knowledge, expertise and relevant information into European databanks accessible to Southern Fora and organisations.
  • Contribute to the objectives of the Global Forum.
  • Facilitate interactive links with national, regional and international organisations in the North and South in the development of policies and programmes on agricultural research for development.
  • Foster, strengthen and optimise UK research and development services for agricultural development.
  • Facilitate interaction and development of the UK's position with respect to education and skillsdevelopment in the areas of sustainable agriculture and natural resource management; and
  • Serve as resource for relevant information and expertise for stakeholders in the UK and the South.
  • Identify demand for research in the future through liaison with Fora in the South.

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