News from the Field

TAAF aims to maintain person to person contact with its awardees, acting as a professional support agency rather than simply a funding body. 

Awardees in the field are encouraged to send regular progress reports to their mentors. These serve to keep the committee informed of the awardees' progress, alert the mentor to any problems that the awardee may have encountered, and enable the mentor - either directly or by calling on other specialist members of TAA - to provide relevant technical and other forms of advice to their mentees.

Tamil Nadu, India, Gender and Caste in a Youth Livelihoods Programme

Jessica Street conducted research on the impact of gender and caste on youth livelihoods projects in Tamil Nadu, India for her MA dissertation in International Development at the University of Sheffield, June-August 2013

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Turks and Caicos Islands, Health of Coral Reefs

Georgina Beresford spent two months in Spring 2013 in a coastal community in Turks and Caicos Islands, assessing local perceptions of the health of the coral reefs on which the community depends.

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Kenya, Fishing with Mosquito Nets

Emma Bush studied the use of mosquito nets for fishing by small-scale fishers on the Kenyan coast, its impact on livelihoods and on health, during May-June 2013.

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Zimbabwe: How Conservation Agriculture increases resilience to Climate Change


Joshua Allen conducted research in rural Zimbabwe in June-July 2013, on how Conservation Agriculture increases resilience to Climate Change for his MSC dissertation at the University of Reading. 

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Solomon Islands, Coral Farming

Tina Andersson studied the factors influencing uptake of coral farming by farming and fishing communities in Marau Sound, Solomon Islands, for an MSc in Anthropology, Environment and Development at University College, London

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