TAA Honours

TAA Honours for services to sustainable agricultural development

The mission for TAA – Agriculture for Development is to contribute towards:

"Advancing education, research and practice in agriculture for rural livelihoods and sustainable development.”

In pursuit of this mission TAA "Agriculture-for-Development” honours are awarded annually in recognition of significant contributions to improvement of rural livelihoods in developing countries through sustainable agricultural development.

Honours are presented annually at the AGM, with framed certificates.


There are three categories:
1. "Development Agriculturalist of the Year”
2. "Young Development Agriculturalist of the year”
3. "Award(s) of Merit” (restricted to TAA individual and employees of corporate members).

In addition, nominations for "National Awards” (CBEs, OBEs MBEs etc.) can be made to the Chairman of the Honours Panel, who will consider nominations received and submit proposals to the UK Government.

"Development Agriculturalist of the year"
- To recognize outstanding contributions to agricultural development with a focus on increasing food production, improving food security, reducing poverty and improving environmental sustainability in developing countries.

- To inspire those involved in the struggle to reduce poverty through agricultural development.

- To increase awareness of socio-economic conditions in developing countries affecting sustainable agricultural development.
"Young Development Agriculturalist of the year"
- To recognise outstanding use of an opportunity (e.g. afforded by TAAF Awards) for gaining a better understanding of constraints to food security, poverty reduction and environmental sustainability in developing countries, and for making an initial contribution to overcoming these constraints.
- To inspire other new graduates from UK universities to become better informed about issues of agricultural development, poverty reduction and environmental sustainability, and to play a more active role in their solution.
- To increase awareness in the UK of socio-economic conditions affecting sustainable agricultural development in poor countries, and of the measures needed for their improvement.
"Award of Merit"
- To recognize outstanding contributions to meeting the objectives of the Association.
- To serve to inspire other members of the Association
- To increase awareness of Association members and its stakeholders of socio-economic conditions in developing countries, including the prevailing dynamics affecting agriculture, poverty and food security.
Recipients of Honours
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Nominations, Criteria & Selection Procedures
The TAA Honours' Panel, in its assessment of nominations, will emphasize proven recent tangible achievements and impact created from the nominee's activities that relate to the objectives of the Honours and the nomination criteria. Corporate Members are especially encouraged to propose employees who merit recognition.
The TAA Honours Panel will review nominations to screen candidates and recommend honours for confirmation by the TAA Executive Committee. Each nomination will be confidential with both a proposer and seconder.
Nominations for the annual honours should be submitted by 1st August to: Paul Harding, Chairman of the Honours Panel. 207 Lightwood Road, Buxton SK17 6RN. Tel: 01298 27957. E-mail: Honours Panel

Nomination Forms
Click here to download a nomination form (in WORD) and for more information.