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As all registered CVs are held in html format, the details are picked up by Google search engines and appear in web searches. If you enter your CV in the Directory, you will be amazed where your name crops up.
Banana plantation
Banana plantation
"The TAA Directory is an outstanding resource. I have consistently found it to be a very valuable medium for promoting my services. I recently ran 'Tanzania Sugar Reform' through a web search and page 2 provided the following results:
John Pratt CV  | TAA Online Directory of Consultants
Tanzania. Formulation mission: EU Sugar Reform Accompanying Measures 2007 - 10. Feasibility study and two Annual Action Plans 2007 & 2008 (€4 million; €2 million) ...
Pretty good, thanks!"
John Pratt, consultant (TAA Directory member)
"I am a frequent user of the TAA Online Directory. It's a great way of contacting good experts."
Patricia Crombie, President, IPP Consultants, France
(TAA Directory user)