Agribusiness Specialist Group

Agribusiness & Talking Shop
The Agribusiness Group aims to foster interaction between members who are concerned with agribusiness and related activities. It has been built around regular monthly Talking Shop sessions, held at a pub in Oxfordshire. 

These aimed to attract new members who are interested in the commercial aspects of development and tp promote business opportunities through the mutual benefit of those who attend. 

The Talking Shop enabled sharing tales of travel, successful projects and disasters, topical issues, IT tips, business opportunities and more. Its objectives are to improve networking and to overcome a major problem for those not working in a large organization the need for regular contact with like-minded consultants.

Roger Cozens has now taken over responsibility for the group and he plans to relocate the Talking Shop to a new location in the Southwest, nearer to his home. The new location will be at the "Mill on the Exe" pub, Bonhay Road, EX4 3AB, Exeter. Meetings will normally be on the first Thursday of the month,12.30 for 13.00. The first meeting will be on 6th February 2014 following our Southwest Group AGM in January where we will also announce it to the delegates.

Join the Agribusiness Group

Meantime, if you are interested in joining the Agribusiness Group, please contact Roger Cozens at

British Expertise

The Agribusiness Group used to be a member of British Expertise. Membership was of particular value to younger members who were in active employment. We have now terminated our membership to British Expertise, mainly to save the expanse of the annual subscription. 

If anyone is interested to know more about British Expertise, please contact us at . 

Or for general information, visit the British Expertise website.