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The Tropical Agriculture Association welcomes all who are interested in aspects of international agricultural development. Agriculture is deemed to include farming (crops and animals), agricultural economics, forestry and agro-forestry, fisheries, rural sociology, geography, climatology, environmental science, ecology and wider rural development issues, including those in urban and peri-urban areas.

Join us now to participate in the Association's activities and enjoy the benefits of membership that include:
  • Agriculture for Development journal
  • Access to the full website
  • Seminars and field trips organized by four UK regional groups
  • Two annual memorial lectures by internationally known experts
  • Online directory of members available as consultants
  • Access to membership of the UK Forum on Agricultural Research for Development and British Expertise
  • Access to events hosted by the APPG on Agriculture & Food for Development
  • Networking between agriculture professionals, via our 'Bulletin Board', 'Opinions' and 'Reminiscences' pages.

Membership Application Procedure

For new members there are Two options are available
  1. Download Membership Application Form (WORD), complete the form and send to the membership secretary with a cheque or pay by BACS on-line via Paypal.or preferably by standing order
  2. Complete the Online Membership Application Form , after which the applicant will be led to Paypal to pay the appropriate amount. 
Please note that the Paypal method of payment involves a deduction of commission from TAA.

The preferable and best value method of payment is to 
create an annual Standing Order, either through your on-line banking system or by downloading and completing a Standing Order form, and sending it to directly to your bank for actioning. You can contact our Treasurer for the TAA bank details to make BACs transfers. A final option is to send a cheque with your application form to the address given in the application form.
Please also remember to sign a "Gift Aid Form". This allows us to claim back 25 pence of every pound you give.
Note that all membership applications are subject to approval by the TAA Executive Committee or its nominee. Please enter the name of a sponsoring TAA member on your application form or send us a copy of your CV. Criteria for membership are listed under Section II of our Constitution.

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You can do this simply, on-line. On the membership page, logon with your membership number and password (if you need help, click here), click on the drop down menu 'View your member profile'. This reveals your details, which you can amend.   

Membership Category


A Full Individual: printed copy Agriculture for Development 40
B Full Individual 70 (aged 70 and over): printed copy Agriculture for Development 30
C Online Individual: online Agriculture for Development) 30
D Online Individual 70 (aged 70 and over): online Agriculture for Development 20
E Student (online Agriculture for Development) 10
G TAAF Awardee 1 year Free