See below a list of up-coming events scheduled by TAA or by our partner organisations:

If members wish to add an event relevant to the TAA, please send the details (in the format given below) to the Webmanager, we will then upload the information.

Event Title Date Time Subject Details Venue Details Contact Details
1st World Conference on Soil & Water Conservation under Global Change
12 June 2017 08.00

Welcome to the CONSOWA conference on sustainable life on earth through soil and water conservation, June 12th to 16th 2017, sponsored by European Geosciences Union and the International Union of Soil Science. Read more ….

Discussion session 1:
 Analysis and recommendations to change present limitations for the study and research of soil and water degradation processes and in the application of prevention and remediation practices. Discussion session 2:
 Analysis and setting the challenges and required achievements in the next decade, to prevent and counteract the previewed effects of global changes on soil and water degradation processes and effects on food and water supply for the increasing world population and the environmental degradation and natural disasters

Optional pre-conference field visits available.


Centre de Cultures i Cooperació Transfonterera (Center of Cultures and Transboundary Cooperation), 67 Jaume II St, in the Campus de Cappont of the University of Lleida, Spain.

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Click here to register. Deadline extended to 30th April

21st IFMA Congress 'Future Farming Systems'
02 July 2017 15.00

IFMA (International Farm Management Association) hold a week-long International Congress every other year which is organised, wherever possible, by the member organisation that covers Farm Management of the host country and a partner educational establishment. The IFMA Congress allows ideas, experiences, best practice and knowledge covering farm management and agricultural education/training to be exchanged through presentations, visits and demonstrations.

Programme: 2nd July - Registration and Welcome Event; 3rd July - Plenary Sessions, Workshops and Evening reception; 4th July - Field Trips; 5th July - Plenary Sessions, Workshops and Formal Dinner; 6th July - Field Trips, BBQ and Croquet Competition; 7th July - Plenary Sessions. Post Congress agricultural tour of the Highlands of Scotland, 8th to 14th July 2017.

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Enquiries from Richard and advanced registration form or contact Richard 

21st World Congress of Soil Science (WCSS)
12 August 2018 10.00 The theme will be "Soils to feed and fuel the world. The WCSS is the main event of the International Union of Soil Science. It takes place every four years and is open to all members of the IUSS and other participants. For further information on congress website  RioCentro Exhibition and Convention Centre, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 12-17 August 2018

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Contact Flavio Camargo, Vice President Congress.  
2nd Annual Kew Science Symposium
25 May 2017 0900

The 2nd annual Kew Science symposium is to coincide with the launch of the 2017 State of the World’s Plants. You are invited to attend. Similar to last year, there will be six themed sessions and a panel Q & A at the end of each session. Invited speakers have been asked to address a series of globally significant questions based on their own plant science research and policy work. These questions are as follows:

1) Madagascar: megadiverse and misunderstood – how can we hope to reverse threats to biodiversity? 2) The immediate risk of extinction:climate change won’t matter if everything has already died out… 3) Wildfires: a necessary evil? 4) Invasive plants: born to invade? 5) From field to healed: how do we detect the medicinal plants of the future? 6) Valuing nature: which plant species are most valuable?

There will also be a poster session for which we are inviting abstract submissions.Read more about the programme …. 

Jodrell Laboratory, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 3DS

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To register, please visit the symposium websiteDeadline for abstract submissions: Friday 21 April 2017

Register by 25 April 2017.

3rd International Scientific Conference on “Sustainability challenges in agro-ecosystems”
19 June 2017 09.00

The primary objective of the International Soil Tillage Research Organization (ISTRO) initiative is promotion, development and growth of interest and knowledge about soil tillage science, relationship of soil tillage and environment, exchange of ideas and experiences and spreading of modern approach of technology application in agro-ecosystems. This conference, being created for the scientific community as well as for experts and practitioners, will cope with main goals of ISTRO’s respective research in soil tillage and field traffic and their relationship with the soil environment, land use and crop production. Submission of abstracts until 1 April, 2017. Read more ......

Osijek, Croatia, 19-21 June, 2017

Registration details can be downloaded.

5th International Conference on Agriculture & Food
20 June 2017 17.00

International Scientific Events, Bulgaria,
 welcome delegates to their 5thannual four-day conference on the Black Sea coast. Topics will include Agriculture, Food and Policy. Presentations are welcome. Read more ……. . 

Holiday Village, Elenite, Bulgaria; 20–24 June 2017

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Please register on-line,  
6th Biennial ECHO Asia Agriculture and Community Development Conference
03 October 2017 08.00

Our four-day conference theme"Improving Lives”expresses our desire to partner with you as we train, equip, and grow our network to impact the lives and livelihoods of farmers and their families across Asia. Speakers will share practical solutions to agricultural challenges, personal experiences and strategies for improving the lives of millions who daily face the threat of starvation. The event offers an open exchange of information, connecting the people and ideas that can make a real and sustainable difference. Topics include: Vegetables for Improved Nutrition and Livelihoods, Strengthening Capacity in Forage Conservation and Silage Making, Business in Transformation in Myanmar, Soil Fertility and Management for Smallholder Farmers, and Improving Lives through Seeking First to Understand. Read more .....

ECHO Impact Asia is an institutional member of TAA.

Holiday Garden Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand (16/16 Huay Kaew Rd. T. Chang Phuak, A. Muang Chiang Mai, 50300); October 3-6, 2017

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Please register on website.  If you have any questions, please email.

7th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture
01 August 2017 09.00 The World Congress is to be led by the American Confederation of Farmers Organizations for a Sustainable Agriculture (CAAPAS), which began as an associations of farmers who promoted the No Till System and is currently working to promote sustainable production systems. CAAPAS comprises: Uruguayan Association pro No-Till (AUSID), Brazilian No-Till and Irrigation Federation (FEBRAPDP), Paraguayan No-Till Federation for a Sustainable Agriculture (FEPASIDIAS) and Argentine No-Till Farmers Association (AAPRESID). CAAPAS will be hosting the Congress along with the XXV Aapresid´s congress, which attracted 5.000 attendants and more 5.000 online delegates from all over the world to the last congress (click here for last edition video summary). The 7th WCCA provides the opportunity to learn from No-Till farmers associations and network with an international gathering of agricultural experts. Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay wish to demonstrate modern agriculture, based on the principles of Conservation Agriculture (CA), our known No-Till System, and with farmers, the crucial actors in this revolution. Agricultural production systems are not sustainable unless they are profitable, and CA holds the key to building and maintaining healthy soils and profitable farming systems. Food security, climate change, smallholder and family agriculture, gender equality, biotech, machinery innovations, bio-energy, water, soils, crops, agribusiness, legislation and more are going to be part of the 7thWCCA proposal. Rosario-Santa Fe, Argentina; 1st to 4th August 2017 Find attached more detailed explanations. Further information will be uploaded soon on the congress website.  
9th International Conference on Sustainable Water Resources Management
18 July 2017 0900

The three day conference is being organised by Wessex Intitute, UK. It will cover a wide range of topics:
Water management and planning, Water rights and accessibility, Water markets economics and policies, Climate change, Sediment soil erosion, Irrigation, Water resources in arid regions, Ground water, Urban water management, Hydraulic engineering, Water quality and pollutant control, Water quality and health, River basin management, Flood risk management, Hydroinformatics, GIS and remote sensing, Trans-boundary water management, Water, food and energy, Socio- economic aspects, Water resources strategies, Innovative technologies, Water and the community, Integrated water analysis, Wetlands as water sources, etc. Click here for more details.

The Orea Hotel Pyramida, Belohorska 24, 16901, Prague 6, Czech Republic;
 18 - 20 July, 2017

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Register on websiteContact Priscilla Cook at Wessex Institute, Southampton, UK.

AquaConSoil 2017: 14th International Conference on Sustainable Use and Management of Soil, Sediment & Water Resources
26 June 2017 09.00

Topics to be covered at this 5-day conference will range from (i) assessment and monitoring of soil, water and sediment quality; (ii) risk assessment; (iii) advances in remediation technologies; (iv) strategies and policies for pollution management and remediation; (v) reuse and upgrading of land, water and sediment in the circular economy and (vi) sustainable use & spatial planning of the subsurface. Deadline for abstract submission: Tuesday, 15 November 2016.

The AquaConSoil program will offer Thematic Lecture Sessions, Poster Sessions, Special Sessions, Exhibition, Technical Tours, Courses, and a Matchmaking event. It will provide great opportunities for scientists, companies and policy makers to extend and enforce their network, start new cooperation activities and be informed of and inspired by the latest developments in the field of sustainable use and management of soil, sediment and (ground)water resources. Read more ......

Lyon Convention Centre, 50 Quai Charles de Gaulle, 69463 Lyon cedex 06, Lyon, France June 26–30, 2017.

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Contact Conference Secretary

Big Ideas for Africa - celebrating the continent’s science and technology pioneers
20 July 2017 09.00

The PEI #ScienceAfrica UnConference is back and this year it’s bigger and better than ever!

Join us for an interactive day of high-level presentations, table working groups and participant-led workshops. We will be celebrating all those individuals, research groups, commercialorganisations and academic institutions driving scientific and technological advancement in and for the continent.

Connect with over 250 people passionate about African development; learn about the latest and greatest scientific and commercial innovation defining Africa’s development; and meet the individuals andorganisations at Africa’s cutting-edge.

We want to showcase cutting-edge science, technology and innovation happening in and for Africa and we’ll be exploring a variety of topics in high-level panel discussions and interactive workshops. Got a big idea for Africa you want to share? Get in touch and let’s make it a reality.

155 Bishopsgate
, London

Click here to reserve your place.

Conference: Total Food 2017 – exploitation of agri-food chain wastes
31 October 2017 09.00

This conference will be the 5th in a series of international conferences which focus on the sustainable exploitation of agri-food co-products and related biomass, thereby helping to minimise waste. Under the auspices of the Royal Society of Chemistry (Food Group), this three day event provides an open forum to highlight recent developments and to facilitate knowledge transfer between representatives of the agri-food industries, scientific research community, legal experts on food related legislation and waste management, and consumer organisations. Themes explored ranged from the adding of value to co-products through to the recovery of energy from waste streams. Total Food 2017 is organised by staff from the Biorefinery Centre at the Institute of Food Research.

John Innes Conference Centre, Institute of Food Research, Norwich Research Park, Norwich

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Click here to register. Contact address for more information 
Curry Club Talk: Highlights from 50 years of large-scale farming in Africa and Iran
26 October 2017 11.00 The London and South East Branch of TAA welcomes you to their Curry Club Talk and Lunch. TAA member Frank Bibby will present a talk on "Highlights from 50 years oflarge-scale farming in Africa and Iran”. Details to follow. Meet at 11 am for coffee before the talk. Strand Continental Hotel, 143 Strand, London WC2R 1JA, UK

Click here for location details >>

The charge is £15 per head to include coffee, curry lunch and use of the meeting venue and facilities. Book your place with Terry Wiles.

Curry Club Talk: Increasing agricultural productivity in the Highlands of Ethiopia
28 September 2017 11.00

The London and South East Branch of TAA welcomes you to their Curry Club Talk and Lunch. TAA member Jim Ellis-Jones will present a talk on "Increasing agricultural productivity in the Highlands of Ethiopia”. Details to follow. Meet at 11 am for coffee before the talk.

Strand Continental Hotel, 143 Strand, London WC2R 1JA, UK

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The charge is £15 per head to include coffee, curry lunch and use of the meeting venue and facilities. Book your place with Terry Wiles.

Curry Club Talk: Seeds and Development
25 May 2017 11.00

The London and South East Branch of TAA welcomes you to their next Curry Club Talk and Lunch. TAA member from Scotland, Michael Turner, who has spent a lifetime in seeds, will present a talk entitled "Ups and Downs Along the Seed Road”. He will present an overview of how seeds have fared as a component of rural development since the Green Revolution. The talk will raise a number of issues, particularly in relation to the role of public and private sectors in seed supply and how official donors and NGOs view seeds as a development tool. Meet at 11 am for coffee before the talk.

Strand Continental Hotel, 143 Strand, London WC2R 1JA, UK

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The charge is £15 per head to include coffee, curry lunch and use of the meeting venue and facilities. Book your place with Terry Wiles.

Dialogue on Land And Security: the business of land restoration and trust
11 July 2017 10.00 CAUX Initiatives of Change welcome you to their conference, 11 – 15 July 2017. The case for tackling land degradation and conflict is clear. Land degradation costs businesses around $40 billion a year, and is a real risk to the future of the food, fibre, forestry and bioenergy industries. It reduces yields, threatens harvests, and destroys people’s livelihoods, until they’re forced to move to find work. Add weak governance and other socio-economic inequalities, and conflict often follows. The solution? Uncovering new ideas to restore land and build trust, increase private investment, reduce the risk of conflict, lower the impact of climate change, and create new markets. That’s what the ground-breaking discussions at the Caux Dialogue on Land and Security 2017 aim to achieve.

We will highlight and explore the needs and opportunities for private sector investment in land restoration and trust building initiatives, and connect policymakers, investors and businesses with the very people leading the fight for land restoration across the world. It’s a unique opportunity to find solutions and plan of actions for urgent issues of our time. Read more …. 

Caux Palace Conference and Seminar Centre, Rue du Panorama 2, 1824 Caux, Switzerland

Click here for location details >>

Download the registration form or contact the organisers 

European Climate Change Adaptation Conference: Our climate ready future
06 June 2017 09.00 Our vision is that this conference will inspire and enable people to work together to discover and deliver positive climate adaptation solutions that can strengthen society, revitalise local economies and enhance the environment. We will bring together the people who will deliver action on the ground – from business, industry, NGOs, local government and communities – to share knowledge, ideas and experience with researchers and policymakers. Set in the cultural city of Glasgow, at the heart of a city-region that is putting climate adaptation and climate justice at the core of decision-making, ECCA 2017 offers a unique opportunity to visit many innovative local adaptation projects and share experience of how climate adaptation can work in practice. Sectoral themes: urban, energy & infrastructure; agriculture & forestry; water security & flooding; biodiversity, ecosystem services & nature-based solutions; health & wellbeing. Call for abstracts deadline 30 Sept 2016. SECC, Glasgow, UK

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European Conference on Precision Agriculture
16 July 2017 09.00 This conference will be from 16th to 20th July 2017. This 11th conference in the series will continue with the successful format of previous conferences, building in strong industry sessions and participation. The theme of ‘Innovating through Research’ will enable all involved in Precision Agriculture to participate. Oral and poster presentations will be welcomed from authors on any precision agriculture topic though particularly welcome in the list of topics shown in the Programme section. All prospective authors and presenters should viewthe ‘Key Dates’ section to ensure they can meet the deadlines. A Study trip on Thursday 20th July will be inconjunction with the James Hutton Institute (JHI – a TAA Institutional Member)and its core site near Dundee. Read more …..  John McIntyre Conference Centre, within the Pollock Halls Centre, Edinburgh EH16 5AY, UK

Click here for location details >>
Registration for ECPA 2017 is not yet open but you can pre-register on line, more details will follow. If you have any queries, please email:info@ecpa2017.comforprogramme and scientific enquiries and for registration, payment and similar queries.  
Food Production for the Future
11 July 2017 10.30

This interactive N8 AgriFood conference, 11thto 13th July, will address the specific challenges that need to be overcome to improve sustainability and food security globally. Discussion topics will include: health andinfectious disease; nutrition; sustainability. - Keynotes and plenary panel sessions.

3 streams : Health and infectious disease, nutrition and sustainability; Posters and drinks reception at Durham Cathedral;Networking dinner at Durham Castle; Optional third day of site visits to farms and research facilities. 


Durham University, DH1 3EH, UK

Click here for location details >>
Click here to register.  
Forest Soils Under Global Change: BSSS Annual Workshop
24 May 2017 09.00

This British Society of Soil Science (BSSS) inviteyou to thei annual workshop of the Millennium Sustainable Development Goals (MSDG) group. Global change, including increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide, is expected to alter primary productivity in forested ecosystems with implications for altered carbon and nutrient cycling in soils. You are invited to join us for a day long workshop at the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BIFoR) site near Nobury Juction in Staffordshire. The workshop will involve a guided tour of the first UK Free Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment experiment of BIFoR in the morning, followed by relevant presentations in the afternoon. *Ankle high boots are required for the BIFoR Forest tour: please, bring yours along! Lunch will be provided at Junction Inn, 12.30 to 1.30 pm. (AGM for MSDG members only, 4.30 to 5.0 pm).

BIFoR Research Forest Site at Nobury Junction Staffordshire, ST20 0PN, UK

Click here for location details >>

Contact Sami Ullah at Birmingham University for more information. Please register your attendance at the BSSS website  Free for members; £15 for non-members. Registration will cover refreshments and lunch.

Good Practice Stakeholder Participation Training – with focus on the environment
03 July 2017 19.00 Dialogue Matters announce their course for 4th to 6th July 2017 (arrive evening of Monday 3rd July for dinner). This course will help you:

Recognise the benefits and challenges of involving stakeholders in decisions about the environment

Understand the principles and concepts of stakeholder participation

Learn and practice practical facilitation skills

Learn how to design a participation process

This course is grounded in our day-to-day experience of designing and facilitating stakeholder dialogue.
Village of Wye, Ashford, Kent, UK

For more information, costs and how to apply please go to the Dialogue Matters website:

Hugh Bunting Memorial Lecture, Reading
08 November 2017 18.00 Tentative date for the HMBL 2017. We are hoping that the lecture will be presented by Dr. Margaret Najjingo Mangheni, Reader in Agricultural Extension at Makerere University, Uganda. The theme of the lecture is elected to be "Innovation Systems and ICT for Smallholder Farmers”. More information will be added nearer the date. The lecture will be followed by a wine reception.
We are also hoping to arrange a visit to the University's Cocoa and Crop Environment Labs in the afternoon. Please keep the date free.
Reading University, Agriculture Building, Earley Gate, Reading Details will be announced in due course. 
Summer Tour of the Scilly Isles
10 July 2017 09.00 The TAA Southwest Branch is planning a summer excursion to the Scilly Isles, off the SW corner of the UK. The tour will be from July 10th to July 12th. Full details of the tour and costs will be published shortly.  Details to be posted Please contact Tim Roberts for more information and booking arrangements. 
Symposium on Climate Change and Droughts Resilience in Africa
16 October 2017 09.00 The three day "Symposium on Climate Change and Drought Resilience in Africa” will focus on "building resilience to climate change and droughts in Africa”, meaning that it will serve the purpose of showcasing experiences from research, field projects and best practice to foster climate change adaptation among countries in the region, with a focus on droughts, which may be useful or implemented elsewhere. New techniques and technologies for climate smart agriculture have already shown some great potential and impact in Africa. Beyond agriculture, other climate-related sectors have seen a similar surge of innovation. From the clean energy sector with advances in solar power and battery storage to the water sector with new point-of-use water purification systems.Read more ......
Nairobi, Kenya, 16th to 18th October 2017

Click here for location details >>
See website for registration details. 
TAA Seminar: Transfer of Crop Research Knowledge to Small Farmers, with emphasis on Sub-Saharan Africa
16 May 2017 13.30

The annual TAA East Anglia seminar will be held in collaboration with NIAB International (Cambridge), the University of Cambridge Global Food Security (GFS) initiative and CambPlants Hub. Two main papers will be presented: (i) Dr Lesley Boyd of NIAB  International on 'Supporting smallholders in improving wheat cultivation', drawing on outcomes of NIAB's KALRO agro-transfer project in Kenya. (ii) Peter Emmrich of  the John Innes Centre, Norwich, will describe his current research on grass pea, aimed at developing it as a drought-tolerant crop for Ethiopia. Click here  more details.

Tea/coffee and biscuits will be available and there will be an opportunity to visit the research glasshouses on the adjacent NIAB Innovation Farm, especially wheat and ornamental plant breeding. Click here for Guided Bus Service details.

Cambridge: Sophi Taylor Centre, NIAB Innovation Farm, Villa Road, Histon, Cambridge CB24 9NZ). Parking plentiful; Guided Bus service from railway station/city centre (car shuttle service will meet at ‘Histon & Impington’ stop).

Click here for location details >>
Details to be added. We request donations of at least £5.00 per person to cover the costs of the venue and refreshments. Reserve your place via Eventbrite. For more information, contact Keith Virgo  
The No-Till Show and Conference 2017
29 June 2017 09.00

Groundswell invites you to a two day conference and demonstration: Grass-Fed Day, 28th June and No-Till Day, 29th June. A lot has happened since the first Groundswell show, which could have fundamental impact on no-till farmers and Conservation Agriculture.

From Brexit and the on-going question about what this means for British farms, to the glyphosate debate. There has also been increased awareness of the power that farmers have in reducing flooding through effective use of their land, as well as wider awareness of the role the soil plays in reducing CO2 in our atmosphere. The voice of no-till farmers at a national level on the BBC has become louder, and there does seem to be a pricking up of politician’s ears that Conservation Agriculture is worth paying attention to. We have a lot of inspiring speakers lined up, including David Montgomery and Anne Biklé (USA), Dr Christine Jones (Australia), Graeme Sait (Australia) and Dr Sarah Beynon (UK),as well as more in-field demonstrations, more talks from real farmers, more opportunities for Q&A and discussion. Read more ….

Lannock Manor Farm, Junction 9 (A1(M) Hertfordshire, SG4 7EE, UK

Click here for location details >>

To register, click hereFor more information, email.