TAA CV - Mr Patrick McKenna

Personal data
Year of Birth: 1988 TAA Member No: 3301
Contact Address: 10 Arnolds Way
Nationality: Irish
Permanent Phone Number: +447778592251 Mobile Phone No:
Email Address: patchmck@gmail.com Personal Webpage:
Record of posts and assignments
Year Job Title Organisation Country Responsibilities
2014 - Present PhD Candidate Royal Agricultural University UK My research focuses on red clover rotations in sustainable cereal production. I am conducting a field trial of different red clover varieties for soil fertility-building capacity. I do this by documenting the accumulation of soil mineral nitrogen and cultivating subsequent 'bioassay' crops of wheat and mustard.
2014 - Present Tutor First Tutors UK I work with two GCSE biology students. I type up work sheets containing all the information required in each chapter of their syllabus and we go over the information. I try to pick out the parts the student is weak on and we revise this material to better equip them to succeed in their exams.
2014 Herbarium Assistant Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew UK My responsibilities at Kew were split between curating the Legume section of the herbarium and assisting senior botanists in taxonomic research. I also completely a two-week training course on applied field taxonomy whilst working here.
2014 Journalist The Jellied Eel Green Futures UK Before starting my PhD I worked as a journalist for these London-based publications. I wrote articles about sustainable food issues in London and notable developments in the technology of sustainable agriculture.
2010 Research Assistant University College Dublin Ireland I assisted a postdoc on a project concerning carbon sequestration in Irish forests. My work involved taking soil samples and preparing them for lab analysis.
Skills, expertise and qualifications
Principal Discipline:  Agriculture, Ecology/ Environment, Soils/Land Use, Training/Education
Subsidiary fields: Agronomy, Conservation Agriculture, Crop Physiology, Grain/Cereal Crops, Pasture/Fodder Crops
Higher education: BSc Botany - University College Dublin, Ireland MSc Ethnobotany - University of Kent, UK
Countries worked in:  Ireland, UK
Languages: English, Conversational Spanish
Last Updated: 13/03/2017