TAA CV - Dr Olafur Oddgeirsson

Personal data
Year of Birth: 01/06/1951 TAA Member No: 3286
Contact Address: 63 Traquair Park West,
EH12 7AN
Nationality: Icelandic / British
Permanent Phone Number: +4413146355 Mobile Phone No: +44771312233
Email Address: olafur@food-control.com Personal Webpage:
Record of posts and assignments
Year Job Title Organisation Country Responsibilities
2009-2012 Team leader: Cost benefit analysis of setting targets for salmonella in pigs. Food Control Consultants Ltd for DG SANTE of the European Commission UK and EU. Managing a team of 6 experts, proving scientific input on Analysis of the costs and benefits of setting a target for the reduction of Salmonella in pigs at breeding, fattening and in the slaughterhouse. Three separate contracts. Implemented in close cooperation with DG SANCO officers and EFSA
2014-2015 Team leader. Project FS 517005, Improved Food Chain Information (FCI) and Collection and Communication of Inspection Results (CCIR). Food Control Consultants for the UK Food Standards Agency UK Managing a multidisciplinary team consisting of a veterinarian, an agricultural economist, a human epidemiologist, an agriculturalist and a computer scientist; Carry out a thorough evaluation of the veterinary inspection system applied in the UK (live animal and meat inspection); Developing a new concept for a risk-based FCI/CCIR model based on two key features: i) increased sampling and laboratory analysis for microbiology and residues, and; ii) enhanced data capture, handling and utilisation; Organising and conducting 4 workshops with stakeholders to present the new model and its possible implications.
2010-2016 Country coordinator, laboratory support expert The EDES programme. Based in Belgium, for ACP countries. Strengthening Food Safety Systems through SPS measures in ACP countries; Responsible for official controls (inspections and audits) and laboratory support; Country coordinator for Caribbean and Pacific States: managing full project cycles; carrying out needs assessments, writing ToRs, implementation, final evaluation; creating education material;
1999-today Managing director Food Control Consultants Ltd Scotland, UK Governments of individual countries, see above, numerous contracts. Upgrading of EU agri-food business to EU standards, auditing of food establishment, verification of compliance, elaboration of plans and programmes for upgrading. Proposals for improving food safety systems. Lectures and seminars on that issue. For the last 6 years providing services for 9th EDF development project EDES.
1992-1999 Senior officer EFTA Surveillance Authority Belgium As Senior Officer of the EFTA Surveillance Authority, in Brussels, was responsible for the supervision of the uniform application and implementation in the EFTA States of a number of EU Directives covering fresh meat, meat products, milk and milk products, fish and fish products.
1982-1992 Managing director Institute of Dairy Research Iceland Responsible to the board of directors for the financial and daily running of the company. Planned and established the laboratory on behalf of the Icelandic dairy industry. As the director of the institute, responsible for mastitis research and control in Iceland. Staff of around 10, including 4 university educated. Participating in providing a continuing education for veterinarians, the personnel of the dairy industry and dairy farmers, covering the general aspects of environmental hygiene and education concerning mastitis control and protection.
1981-1982 Dairy expert National Institute of Environmental health Iceland Carried out detailed assessment of all dairy plants in Iceland (17). Developed proposals for upgrading and improved supervision of the establishments.
1978-1981 Scientific assistant, lecturer University of veterinary medicine Hannover Germany Participated in teaching of veterinary students in food science including meat inspection and food processing technology. Responsible for a research residue laboratory with 4 employees.
1978 Veterinary surgeon General veterinary Practice Germany Worked in a mixed rural animal practice, more large animals.
Skills, expertise and qualifications
Principal Discipline:  Agriculture, Agro-Industry, Livestock, Project Management, Rural Development, Training/Education
Subsidiary fields: Project Management. Project Preparation/Appraisal, Veterinary Science, Milk Production/Dairy, Agro-Industry, Livestock, Quarantine, Rural Development,
Higher education: Dr. Med. Vet.
Countries worked in:  Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Malta, Bulgaria, Baltic countries, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey, Balkan countries, Cyprus, Czech Rep., Hungary, Romania, Slovak Rep. ,Russian Federation, Iceland, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Suriname, Jamaica, Belize, Dominican Republic, PNG, Fiji.
Languages: Icelandic and English (As mother tongue); German (Good); Danish (Fair); French (basic)
Last Updated: 06/12/2016