TAA CV - Mr Vijaya Bhaskar Alwarnaidu Vijayarajan

Personal data
Year of Birth: 09 July 1984 TAA Member No: 3077
Contact Address: Flat 3 Jobbins court,
Cricklade street,
Nationality: Indian
Permanent Phone Number: +44 (0) 1285238591 Mobile Phone No: + 44 (0) 7901054943
Email Address: vijayabhaskar99mba@gmail.com Personal Webpage: uk.linkedin.com/pub/vijaya-bhaskar/18/649/404/
Record of posts and assignments
Year Job Title Organisation Country Responsibilities
2011-2014 PhD researcher Coventry University, UK in associated with Royal Agricultural University, UK UK Field scale experimentation, designing, establishing, and monitoring Soil and plant sampling and laboratory analysis Data processing, analyzing and interpretation Collaborating with academia to apply the results of research and develop new techniques Presenting research methodology and findings to colleagues at academic conferences and for a range of stakeholder groups including scientists and non-scientists. Participating in national (UK) research networks Teaching
Currently Looking for postdoc/research assistant opportunity. Would like to pursue research themes in assessing multi-functionality of agricultural systems in the context of sustainable agriculture.
Skills, expertise and qualifications
Principal Discipline:  Agriculture
Subsidiary fields: Farming systems, Farm management, Grain/cereal crops, Crop production, Intercropping systems, Soil management, Weed dynamics, Organic agriculture, Cultivation systems, Economic modelling
Higher education: PhD (Agronomic systems)
Countries worked in:  UK and India
Languages: English (fair), Telugu (mother tongue), Tamil (fair)
Last Updated: 26/07/2014