TAA CV - Mr Jamie Newton

Personal data
Year of Birth: 1953 TAA Member No: 1594
Contact Address: Les Renaudies, Nantheuil De Thiviers, 24800 France Nationality: British
Permanent Phone Number: +33 55 35 23 533 Mobile Phone No:
Email Address: newtonjamie@gmail.com Personal Webpage:
Record of posts and assignments
Year Job Title Organisation Country Responsibilities
2010-13 Rural Infrastructure Specialist Ernst & Young, Transtec Angola, Bnin, Cambodia, Guyana, Morocco, PNG, Samoa, Serbia, Solomons Rural Development Programme & Project Formulation, Evaluation, Audit
2009 Rural Infrastructure Specialist SHER, Ernst & Young, SOPEX Yemen, Cameroon, Laos Rural Development Programme & Project Formulation, Evaluation, Audit
2008 Rural Engineer, Team Leader SHER, Ernst & Young, SOPEX Vietnam, Gambia, Mali Project formulation, Audit, Feasibility Study
2007 Rural Engineer, Team Leader Landell Mills, Italtrend, COWI Solomon Islands, Burkina Faso, Ghana Formulation Evaluation of Rural Development Programmes
2006 Rural Infrastructure Specialist Sopex Nigeria, Malawi Evaluation & Formulation of Rural Development Programmes
2005 Team Leader Agriconsulting Europe Belgium Evaluation of Proposals for ACP-EU Water Facility grants
2004 Rural Infrastructure Specialist FAO, IAK Agrar Zambia, Ghana Project Formulation
2004 Team Leader Carl Bro SA Belgium Thematic Evaluation - Biodiversity
2003 Rural Engineer Partex CDR, IPP Consultants Solomon Islands, China (Tibet) Project Evaluation, Formulation
2002 Team Leader Booker Tate Ethiopia Irrigation Project Feasibility Study: Rural infrastructure.
1999-2001 Project Manager Hifab International Georgia Procurement, Project Management.
1998 Rural Infrastructure Specialist Agrisystems/ Tebodin Philippines Project Appraisal.
1996-97 Infrastructure Specialist Agrisystems Tonga T.A. (EU) Project Preparation, Water Supply, Roads.
1994-95 Rural Infrastructure Specialist TYPSA Philippines Training, design & implementation of rural infrastructure microprojects.
Skills, expertise and qualifications
Principal Discipline:  Rural Development
Subsidiary fields: Irrigation, Rural Development, Procurement, Project Management, Project Preparation/Appraisal, Rural Infrastructure, Rural Roads/Transport, Water Supplies (Rural)
Higher education: MSc Agricultural Economics, Imperial College, 2006 MSc Irrigation Engineering, Southampton University, 1987. MSc Natural Resource Management, Edinburgh University, 1985. BSc Civil Engineering, City, 1976
Countries worked in:  Angola, Australia, Bnin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cameroon, China, Ethiopia, Fiji, France, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Guyana, Laos, Malawi, Mali, Nigeria, Philippines, PNG, Samoa, Serbia, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Ukraine, Vietnam, Zambia
Languages: English (mother tongue); French (fluent)
Last Updated: 22/07/2014