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Online Directory of CVs
The TAA online Directory of CVs provides a valuable source of consultancy expertise available within the membership, which is available to consultancy firms and potential employers. The Directory contains CVs for those TAA members who have uploaded their information to indicate their availability for assignments.  
Career Summaries of Members
These pages enable TAA members to enter brief descriptions of their careers, in order to illustrate the breadth of experience and skills available within the Association. Read more   
Technical Advisors
The TAA membership includes a wealth of technical expertise, accumulated throughout the developing world, some extending back several decades. Many members have volunteered as "Technical Advisors, so that their unique expertise may be shared. They can be accessed through the Directory or via their Career Summaries.
Their help could be beneficial to development agencies, private companies, government agencies, NGOs and the media (press, TV and radio). 

AgriTechTalk Africa

AA International (AAI) has been a long-time member of TAA. With the recent sad death of its founder, Ian Robinson, the company is changing its approach to focus on improvement of food security assessments. Much of this involves the development of Pictorial Evaluation Tool (PET) methodologies and improving numeracy of agricultural officers and farmers. These modules have been expanded as apps for use on mobile phones by farmers in Uganda. Their partner NGO AgriTechTalk Africa is hoping to pilot PET apps on a number of projects. In the UK, AAI is developing ideas for new grant-funded numeracy modules/projects.

AAI have a shortage of in-house expertise and are seeking technically experienced professionals with whom they can work in future. TAA members are invited to register on AAI's consultant database by sending a copy of their latest CV to Heather Pitcher.

Grassroots Africa 

One of our members, Benny Dembitzer has launched Grassroots Africa. TAA members are invited to join in a voluntary capacity to provide a pool of advice and relevant practice to farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. Farmers ask questions of everyday relevance to their farming practices and they will be provided with practical suggestions on how to cope. The service is being delivered in English, through intermediaries and via the internet.

Grassroots has practitioners covering a wide range of topics (crops, water, organic fertilisers, seeds preservation etc). Also registered groups of intermediaries (mainly cooperatives and self-help help groups), who have a total membership base of over 120,000 farmers. If you or your friends are interested in helping, please let Grassroots know. They want to create a critical mass that will help provide knowledge and therefore power to the weakest of all, the marginal small-holder. Read the latest GrassrootsAfrica newsletter.

Biogas Reservoir
Biogas Reservoir

Contoured raised beds
Contoured raised beds