Who are we

TAA is an association of over 600 members, operated according to our Constitution. The TAA is a UK registered charity (No 800863). We are governed by an executive committee that is elected by the membership at each annual general meeting..

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Our registered mailing address

TAA, c/o Montpelier Professional Services

1 Dashwood Square

Newton Stewart


As a registered charity, we rely on donations from our members and supporters. If you would like to make a donation, please click here. You could also consider leaving a bequest in your will in favour of TAA, visit the TAAF pages or contact the Treasurer for information.

Executive Committee (key members)

President Andrew Bennett president@taa.org.uk


Keith Virgo


Vice-Chair Paul Harding vice_chairman@taa.org.uk
General Secretary Dr Elizabeth Warham general_secretary@taa.org.uk


Jim Ellis-Jones


Membership Secretary

Linda Blunt


Institutional Membership Martin Evans mailto:institutional_membership@taa.org.uk

Ag4Dev Coordinating Editor

Paul Harding


Ag4Dev Technical Editors
Brian Sims, Andy Ward

Award Fund Chairman

Antony Ellman


Web Manager Keith Virgo webmanager@taa.org.uk
Branches Coordinator Jane Guise branch_coordinator@taa.org.uk

Click here to see the full list of ExCo members, their experience and contacts. The Committee meets about every three months to plan and co-ordinate TAA activities. Click here for scheduled ExCo dates.

The Annual general meeting is held in November. Click here to read the latest Chairman & General Secretary's Report.

The Trustees

The Trustees, who include the Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Coordinating Editor, accept responsibility for directing the affairs of TAA and ensuring that it delivers its charitable objects, in particular:

  • Preparing trustee annual reports, submitting annual return forms and accounts to the Charities Commission. Click here to read our annual Trustees Reports and Accounts.
  • Compliance with the rules of the charity as set out in its constitution.
The Trustees must also must ensure that TAA is run carefully, by making sure it:
  • Uses its charitable funds and assets wisely to further its charitable aims.
  • Does not do anything to put its property, funds, assets or reputation at risk
  • Takes appropriate care and advice when investing or borrowing money
Trustees must be registered with the Charities Commission.
ExCo has a wider mandate in running TAA affairs.

Responsible for the management of different aspect of TAA's operations:

Specialist Groups
Operate in areas of specific interest to members to develop and build consensus in:

Tropical Agriculture Award Fund

Makes awards to graduates and MSc students to gain overseas experience in tropical agriculture and environmental conservation through projects with corporate members or other organisations

Honours Awards
Annual awards for the following categories:
  • Development Agriculturalist of the Year
  • Young Development Agriculturalist of the Year
  • Awards of Merit (TAA members only)
  • National Awards
Protection of Members' Data
Click here for a summary of how we protect members' data under the 2018 GDPR. 

TAA insurance cover

Public & Products Liability at £5,000,000, Trustees Indemnity at £100,000 and Legal Expenses cover at £100,000