TAA CV - Dr Douglas Walter Wholey

Personal Information
Title: Dr TAA Member No: 1016
Forenames: Douglas Walter Year of Birth: 1942
Surname: Wholey Email Address: doug.wholey@hotmail.com

University Qualification & Completion Year
1967 Leeds University BSc (Hons) Agriculture
1968 University of the West Indies, Trinidad WI Diploma in Tropical Agriculture
1975 University of the West Indies PhD in Crop Science

Career Summary
After the DTA course (1968) I was temporary Assistant Lecturer in Crop Production ar UWI for a year until becoming a Research Assistant in the Rockefeller Foundation funded Root Crops Programme working on sweet potato and yams. In 1970 a visit by CIAT staff resulted in an offer of a Research Fellowship. Next year I arrived in Cali, Colombia to find CIAT focused on cassava! I registered with UWI for a PhD and selected rapid clinal propagation as a research topic. I completed the programmer in 1974. Whilst at CIAT I met staff of Canada's International Development Research Center (IDRC) and was recruited as Project Advisor on an IDRC financed cassava project at the Malaysian Agricultural Research & Development Institute near Kuala Lumpur where I worked for 4 years. The job also included supervision of other IDRC cassava projects requiring visits to Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, India and Sri Lanka. Next I returned to the UK joining Minster Agriculture Ltd as a Consultant specializing in tropical root crops. This job took me to Guinea, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, China, Malaysia, Belize, Jamaica, Kenya, Morocco, Brazil and other places I have forgotten. I became a Director of the company in 1982 and Marketing Director in 1988. Minster was bought by Cargill in 1989 and in 1990 I was interviewed by the World Bank and became a Task Manager the following year. This job took me to Bolivia, Jamaica and most of the Commonwealth Caribbean Islands. A Bank reorganization in 1997 resulted in me joining IFAD as Technical Adviser in Agronomy. Based in Rome, I reviewed development projects and also supervised IFAD financed research projects in Africa and Asia (mostly implemented by CGIAR Centers). I retired from the staff position in 2004 and continued as a part time Consultant until finally calling it a day in 2010. I am happily retired in Malta (Gozo to be precise).


Last Updated: 10/09/2016