TAA CV - Dr Martin Evans

Personal Information
Title: Dr TAA Member No: 292
Forenames: Martin Year of Birth: 1944
Surname: Evans Email Address: martin.evans@agriprojects.com

University Qualification & Completion Year
1967 Cambridge University BA (Hons) Natural Sciences & Agriculture
1970 Cambridge University MA
1972 Cambridge University Ph.D Agricultural Economics

Career Summary
Career Summary

1969-71: Junior Research Officer, Department of Land Economy, Cambridge University. Worked on econometric models of agricultural sub-sectors as part of Cambridge growth model project.

1972-74 Lecturer in Economics, Department of Economics, University of Papua New Guinea; Department Chairman (1974). Researched smallholder cattle projects, rubber resettlement schemes and future land use changes.

1975-78 Project Economist (Agriculture), Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines [AsDB]. Roles included: economist on project preparation missions (1975-76); member of Core Group of Experts for the Second Asian Agriculture Survey (1976-77); technical co-ordinator of two international seminars on agriculture/rural development in South and Southeast Asia, 1977 and 1978; author of AsDB policy paper on agriculture and rural development, 1978.

1979-85 Senior Economic Consultant (1979), Head of Economic Services (1980-82), Director - Consultancies (1983), Managing Director, Tropical Agriculture Division [TAD] (1984-85), Booker Agriculture International Ltd, London [BAI]. TAD managed all BAI's non-sugar contracts, which mainly involved the provision of implementation technical assistance to aid agency/DFI-financed agricultural projects.

1985-88 Managing Director, MacDonald Agricultural Services Ltd [MAS]. Established MAS as a new subsidiary company within the Sir M MacDonald & Partners Group, providing agricultural and economic consulting services, mainly for aid agency/DFI-financed projects. Responsible for the overall management of the growth and development of MAS, which undertook around 40 assignments in 20 countries during this period.

1989-2004 Director of Forestry and Tropical Agriculture (1989-91), New Business Director (1992-2002); Director, Corporate Management (2003-2004), Booker Tate Ltd (BTL). BTL's main activity was the management of large scale agribusinesses under long term contract to their owners - private companies or parastatals. The scope of these agreements ranged from full 'corporate management' of the entire business to 'technical management' of part of the business, usually the agricultural and product processing functions. BTL's remuneration was usually performance-based. In some cases BTL would have a minority equity interest in the agribusiness concerned.

As Director of Forestry and Tropical Agriculture, and Managing Director of BTL's forestry subsidiary, Silviconsult Ltd, responsible for tropical crop (excluding sugar), forestry and livestock operations, including oil palm plantation management in Congo Brazzaville (1989-90), sisal plantation management in Tanzania (1989-91), coffee business management in Zambia (1989-91), poultry business management in Kenya (1989-91) and Papua New Guinea (1989-91), and industrial forest plantation management in Indonesia (1990-92). Director of Ningbo Tate & Lyle Tea, China (1990-91).

As New Business Director, responsible for BTL's work with prospective clients to identify new agribusiness opportunities for them (to be implemented and managed by BTL), and assisting them plan and raise finance accordingly. As a regional director also, responsible for BTL's ongoing operations in Asia/Pacific, principally the management of Papua New Guinea's only sugar company (1996-2001) and Indonesia's largest sugar company (1998-2002). Also responsible for BTL's technical assistance operations to sugar production and sugar marketing enterprises in Russia (1992-97) and to sugar production, fresh vegetable production and food distribution enterprises in Ukraine (1992-95).

As Director, Corporate Management, my role was to develop new models for the delivery of management, operations support and capacity building to international agribusiness, particularly sugar and bioethanol, in response to the changing needs of corporate clients.

During this period also acted as a consultant on a number of assignments, including grain sector reform and rural sector adjustment policy in China (1987-90) and food sector reform in FSU/Russia (1991), both for the World Bank.

I retired from BTL in early 2004.

2004-present Agriprojects Consulting Ltd. My own independent consultancy, undertaking agriculture and agribusiness assignments in several countries in Asia, Africa and South America for private food and agribusiness companies, aid agencies/DFIs (AsDB, DFID, FAO, IFC, IFPRI, World Bank), research foundations and charitable organisations. Roles included: Executive Program Manager (part-time basis) of collaborative international research program of FAO, IFPRI, ILRI, Royal Veterinary College, UC Berkeley on Pro-Poor HPAI (Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza) Risk Reduction Strategies (appointed by IFPRI; program funded by DFID), 2008-10; consultant to IFPRI on biofuel value chains in India, Mozambique and Senegal, 2009-10; consultant to IFC on global agribusiness strategy (2010); Member of Supervisory Committee of the board of Maple Ethanol in Peru, advising on aspects of project development and management (2010-13).

Other positions held include: Non-executive Board Director of PT Booker Tate Indonesia, Jakarta (1999-2009); Non-executive Board Director of Oxford Policy Management Ltd, Oxford (1996-2006) and Chairman (2003-06); Trustee/non-executive Board Director of Farm Africa, London (2007?13) and Chairman (2009-13); Independent non-executive Board Director of Addax Bioenergy SA and Addax Bioenergy (Sierra Leone) Ltd, jointly nominated by FMO and Swedfund (2014-present).

Although Booker Tate's main business was large scale commercial agriculture and related product processing, several of its projects involved significant numbers of outgrowers. Much of my consulting work has also concerned smallholder agriculture, and a central interest of mine has long been the strengthening of mutually beneficial linkages between small farmers and commercial agribusiness.

Recent publications include: book contributions on agricultural investment, corporate agribusiness and small farms, and biofuels; a co-authored journal paper on biofuels; and a study of capacity development in South Asia for AsDB. Earlier publications include an FAO training manual on the formulation of agricultural and rural investment projects (1986-main author and 1997-contributor).

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