Career Summary Viewer: Dr Jane Guise

Personal Information
Title: Dr TAA Member No: 3136
Forenames: Jane Year of Birth: 1959
Surname: Guise Email Address:
Honours/Award: HonARCVS, FrAgs, FRGS, DavidBlack Award    

University Qualification & Completion Year

1981 Reading University BSc(Hons)
1990 Royal Veterinary College PhD

Career Summary
1981 Company trainee, Pig Improvement Company, all aspects of pig production and genetics.

1982-4 Animal nutrition and sales, WJ Oldacre Ltd.

1984-2001 establishing and operating Cambac Research, applied and near market contract research organisation working with government, farming groups, retailers, charities. This non-core funded group of 15 young scientists (10 of which gained their PhD during their term, under my mentor ship) delivered over 120 papers and articles on a range of issues relating to the meat supply chain. A herd of 500 sows was run alongside the research group, and used in many of the trials. The 2001 Foot and Mouth outbreak signalled the end of this initiative when the herd was slaughtered.

2001- 2014 Chief Executive of the Royal Bath and West of England Society, a leading show Society, in some difficulty after the FMD cancellation. Created a 100 acre development opportunity to enable the Society to thrive in the face of variable income from events which depended on weather and other challenges. Income from development underpins trading income, giving some stability to an ancient organisation

2004 - 2013 Trustee of RASC, organising their 2012 biennial conference in Zambia, with associated pre and post conference tours. Organised the Chief Executives conference within the main events for conferences in Edinburgh, New Zealand and Canada.

2014 - 2017 Montserrat, West Indies. Managed set up and operation of Brade?s abattoir, standard operating procedures and further processing, working with locals to establish a market for cuts, sausages, pies etc through local market. Helped organise TAA tour of Caribbean islands.

2017 - now, family farm with flock of rare breed sheep, and pigs. Establishing local markets for cuts and processed meats. Managing refurbished farm buildings with a range of artisan tenants, including a sadllemaker, sculptor, upholstered, animal care business and equine liveries. Organising another tour of the Caribbean for young farmers. 

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